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5 Sexist Ads That Make You Want To Question The Brands, “What Were You Thinking?”

Posted: July 28, 2016

Sexist ads abound, and it is best to take their message with a large pinch of salt. Really, what were these brands thinking?

Many ads strike a chord with their audience, but there are many more who urge you to ask, “What the hell was that?”.

Here are 5 such brands, who sure could have rethought strategies, more so the messaging they seem to put out.

Phillips Kerashine Range

A hair styling product, which invariably tries to show you how to feel special. Not to forget all the effort you need to put it, so as to just feel special. Oh ya! How about styling your hair, which seems to have a series of reactions, which ends up with your partner/boy friend getting jealous and therefore in turn doing something nice for you. Well, if you have a boy friend like this, time to sprint my gal. Run Lola! Run!

Rupa Frontline

This is just out of the world. A baniyan (vest) which not only puts too much energy into you, so you can catch a ball with your butt, (award for absurd) but has girls running, dancing around you. Well I wonder if the uncles in the lungis knew how easy it was to attract the ladies. Get a Rupa Frontline you!

Emami Fair and Handsome

Well, this for sure is confusing. First the standard set for guys was to be tall, dark and handsome. But I guess it’s all about convenience and how brands want you to perceive ‘ideal man’. This ad is a step ahead, as our very own Shahrukh Khan shares credit with ‘Fair and Handsome’ for becoming a badshah of Bollywood. Seriously! Talent is what you need right?

Axe Signature Ad

Of course these guys had to be on the list. From the angels falling to the girls running behind, are they trying to say, “No matter how stupid you are, you shall get the girl if you smell good!”? No wonder they had a lawsuit against them, where a man sued them as he was using Axe for a while and yet there were no girls running behind him. (True Story!No Kidding!). Guys, you sure shall fade away, no matter how good you smell, if you don’t connect with the ladies on an intellectual level.

Close up

Yes of course, your first move has to be blowing air on the guys face so he knows how your breath smells! So the next time ensure to do so, so you can get closer. Now come on guys seriously. Yes don’t deny, nobody likes bad breathe but would that help a girl score a date, highly unlikely, unless it’s a guy who uses Axe to land a date. Just saying.

It’s quite hard to limit your list to just 5, but a couple more that almost made the list were:

Vimal Pan Masala – eating this would sure take you to success and somewhere else too, if you know what I mean (heaven)!

Everest masala – which invariably shows how it solves a woman’s cooking problem – the entire family can’t help her with it as it’s her problem to figure what to cook. Please team Everest, come out and take a look at all the men cooking, not to forget the families who don’t burden the moms with the need to cook.

A request is all I have for all these brands – wake up and see the change. Not to forget, embrace it and make a little sense too!

Image source: youtube

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  1. Ha! Ha! Akshata thanks for this list of -ridiculousness!!! And hee! hee! I loved your comments on each of them too!! Lots of hopefuls that could be trying hard to be on your list and may just make it the next time because they are getting closer all the time!! Either there are not enough days to use one’s brains before the deadline to make an intelligent ad these days… or there are not enough intelligent brains anymore to go around in ad agencies for the number of foolish consumer goods to be marketed and sold!!! I suspect its the latter…

    • Glad you liked it Sonia. Thank you! Well I totally agree with you. You wonder what the hell are you trying to sell or tell me sometimes when you watch such ads.. 😉 Another which I missed out was the Mahindra KUV ad (Varun dhawan one), I ll be keen to know if our thoughts would match on that too..Gold digger or have a car to get a girl.. 😉

  2. I watched the mahindra KUV ad more carefully after I read your comment and yes its in the category of new age materialistic stereotypes-girls fall for guys with flashy cars and will go out asap, anywhere with them if they have one?! I hate that many ads constantly try to push the boundaries in subtle and in-your-face ways, of what is acceptable and appropriate behaviour. It is a deliberate attempt to blur the lines to confuse the masses and apparently is meant to be a reflection of the liberal and “free” outlook of modern living. But often what it does is only liberate or free one’s base animal instincts which are much better kept locked up inside.

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