5 Movie Recommendations For Married Indian Women

Movies can be a treasure trove of learning, so why should married women not learn from them and maybe make changes in their lives?

We learn through what we see and experience. In today’s age, that means videos, series, and movies on social media and OTT platforms. Movies of this age are based on real life, and some also highlight the issues haunting women for ages. Marriage and motherhood are two stages in a woman’s life that none can prepare them for, but is a journey that is their own and can be empowered by others.

Here are 5 movie recommendations for married women, hoping you take away learning, understanding, and empower yourself for the life you want, need, and deserve.

Julie & Julia by Nora Ephron (English -2009)

A beautiful movie about 2 married women who are connected to each other through food. One idolizes the other, have similar supportive husbands, and is seeking to forge their path. The movie brings you many titbits of relatability, and understanding and leaves you feeling good. It also in many ways, makes you believe in following your heart. (or in this case, your stomach!)

English Vinglish by Gauri Shinde (Hindi – 2012)

A Sridevi come-back movie, where a married woman and mother makes for herself an identity, reminding her family of her value as a person and family member, a family that has always taken her for granted. This movie kind of nudges you to have a world of friends, and colleagues beyond your family, so that you see yourself in a different light.

Thappad by Anubhav Sinha (Hindi -2020)

A movie that will make you think, contemplate, and question. In many ways, it showcases the stark reality of marriages and the bias against women everyone in the household holds. It also brings forth the power of having a supportive family and how that can be a game changer for a married woman in how her future will be.

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The Great Indian Kitchen by Jeo Baby (Malayalam -2021)

This is a perfect replica of real life for a girl as she moves into marriage and her in-laws’ house. Sadly a hushed-up reality in most households of sexism, the expectation, and the barriers married women face to live a life.

Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey by Vipin Das (Malayalam – 2022)

This movie feels real, unreal, possible, and impossible, all at the same time. It’s the story of a girl who hopes to be free and independent at least after marriage but is faced with a dire reality. It showcases how she deals with physical abuse and is faced with reactions that make no sense logically, but is the reality of the patriarchal society we live in.

Hope you enjoy these movies and hope that these in some way empower you, sister!

Remember, love yourself, seek respect, support other sisters, and more importantly live the life you want.

Header image source: a still from The Great Indian Kitchen

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