What Is The Emerging Trend Of Dating In Young Women Today? Here’s All You Needed To Know

Many college going girls are entering into relationships for a plethora of reasons. Read to know about the emerging trend of dating and some important pointers.

Many college going girls are entering into relationships for a plethora of reasons. Read to know about the emerging trend of dating and some important pointers.

Dating, as a concept, has gained a lot of momentum in the recent years. College students often keep dating on their priority list. The old age concept of boys making the first move has seen a drastic transformation. Today’s college going girls are taking the onus of initiating proposals on themselves. They do not believe in waiting for destiny to shower its grace. And who wants to bother Cupid? They are finding eligible men, dating them, exploring themselves during the relationship and carrying it forward with enthusiasm.

The cloistered environment of school does not give a lot of opportunities to find love, and so young girls make use of the new found freedom during college days to experiment with relationships. There is a whole new generation of girls that believes in casual dating wherein both the partners have the liberty to move out whenever they feel like. This is done to avoid heartbreaks or just to spice up one’s mundane life. Others date to know their partners in and out before getting hitched.

The digital era not only gives girls the opportunity to find love through the click of a button but also gives them a myriad of options to make choices from. Facebook facilitates online dating with access to speedy communication. Who hasn’t heard of famous apps like Tinder which match people based on their compatibility and interests? A huge chunk of the population prefers online dating over one to one interactions.

Is it really a fairy tale?

With the hope of finding a soulmate, young girls obsess themselves with their relationships. Tender age and lack of guidance and experience play havoc with their emotions. Things take an ugly turn when the partner is found to be cheating on them. Despite investing emotionally and physically in the relationship, its chances of not working out remain fairly high. The end, therefore, is not always a fairy tale.

Today’s girls are highly ambitious just as their male counterparts. They are well educated and want a lot of things from life. In many cases, it becomes difficult for two individuals to balance their relationship and take out time for each other. In other cases, the partner is found to be  involved with other girls at the same time. On a few occasions, online dating turns into a nightmare for girls as they get carried away by the virtual image of a person, which appears to be very appealing. Online dating, thus, comes with its own set of hazards. It is advisable to be cautious to prevent falling victim to predators. Privacy settings work wonders in preventing any sort of problem, that will prevent you from causing regret later.

Making the important choice

Before the question of marriage pops up, gain clarity on certain aspects of your life. Dating is very different from living together under the sacred institution of marriage. Come up with important questions. Does he value your ambitions or belittles them as unimportant? Is he a male chauvinist? Marriage is a crucial decision of life which must not be taken in haste. Consider and reconsider your decision. Time and circumstances change people and their ways of perceiving life.  Ponder upon a range of issues before tying the knot to save you from the emotional trauma that failed relationships bring in.

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