5 Indian Brands Show Us Change is Needed…And Lies Well Within Us

Posted: June 11, 2016

These 5 Indian brands have adopted bold campaigns that are not afraid to challenge gender norms and stereotypes. Take a look!         

Remember ‘that’ washing powder ad or the Axe effect ad or the mango soft drink ad…not to forget, the bathing soap ad? There was more objectification or stereotyping of women than any real focus on the product itself.

Times are changing though, and brands too, are bringing in a lot more than just being mere ads. Building a personality and breaking stereotypes at the same, here are 5 brands that have shown us change is possible.


You see a lot of ads that tell you men can’t wash clothes better than your mum? Well, Ariel brings you an ad that says it’s time for a change at home with their #ShareTheLoad campaign. Wouldn’t you agree?


Titan with its #BreakTheBias campaign truly moved the conversation ahead for women, making an attempt to change the way people thought about her success. The thought that emerges at the end of it would not just make men but also women to stop and think. Don’t we, as women, also get judgmental about a woman’s success?


Myntra has stood for more than fashion. Here in a #AnoukBoldIsBeautiful campaign, it shows how women are judged on their pregnancy than their work efficiency. Why is it so easy to make assumptions about an expecting mother’s future work and bias current decisions on something that you think she would do?



Women are working hard, finding their passion, chasing dreams, making the change and so much more out there. Sofy catches this essence with its #GirlUninterupped campaign.  As they say Sleep hard. Dream harder.


Arranged marriages! Though the traditional way of finding a match has changed, many things have remained the same. BIBA brings a breathe of fresh air with this #ChangeIsBeautiful campaign breaking some stereotypes and showing a new way of building relationships.

What are your favourite ads from this year, that talk to or about women?

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