Do You Truly Consider Women, While Actually Marketing To Women?

Posted: July 13, 2016

While marketing to women, many brands tend to look at women as a monolithic group, or as impulse buyers. That is far from the truth!

“Women have been the gatekeepers of their families for as far back as any of us can remember,” says Evelyn Olson Lamden, co-founder of a strategic marketing consulting firm Red Kite Business Advisors. Women from times immemorial have been an influencer in purchases across categories. With changing times, they are also emerging to be strong purchasers too.

According to Sheconomy, young and single women are twice likely as compared to men, to buy houses and all the things that go with them, which sure is a welcome change. With more women joining the workforce, their buying capacity has substantially increased over the years.

Being a brand owner/manager, a start-up or SME, have you considered targeting women in your marketing campaigns, not just in products they use or would use but also on various other categories, as about 70-80% of them drive purchasing?

Here are 3 things to remember while working on your marketing campaigns for women.

Marina Maher, CEO of marketing-to-women PR agency Marina Maher Communications, says “Women are not a homogeneous group, are there are several sub-groups to target.” Also emphasizing on the fact that working women of all ages are still under-served.

Don’t work around clichés, Work around REAL women

Doing just another Women’s Day or a Mother’s Day campaign is not the only way. Not to forget the ads made with certain clichés that exist around women. Get over it! Interact with real women, draw your messaging around ‘the everyday’ than a special day. Think this way, don’t try to a brand that women think about or thought about on specific occasions but a brand that resonates any day. About time you did something different right?

Need to make a connection

Don’t market with random communications, rather try and make a connection. Strategize and plan your marketing campaigns in a way that women can relate too, rather than regarding them as impulse driven. Consider this: don’t market to make the first sale, but market to make a lasting impression for the subsequent sales.

Women could be your greatest evangelists!

This sure is more so related to point 2. Women have a tendency to talk so much about a product they love and not to forget also about products they despise, as seen by the many conversations on social forums. So ensure the end experience is great and you give what you promise too. As women are strong influencers, there could be more you get when you strike the right cord with her.

About time you stopped ignoring the world’s most powerful consumers, isn’t it?

(If you are a brand owner, digital marketer or start-up founder, it may interest you to know Women’s Web works with brands to reach this aware audience in meaningful ways. More details here.)

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