Embrace Your Identity! Why Are You So Afraid To Be ‘YOU’?

Posted: July 14, 2016

We all search for our identity, but often hide it under masks that allow us to fit in according to society’s rules. But it is worthwhile living life unmasked.


Some look for it. Some have already found it. But many refuse to  identify it.

The society sure plays a very prominent role in it. Every time you start to identify with yourself, there is a finger waiting to be pointed at you and to ask, “What do you think you are doing?”.

Everything seems to have a preset definition and rules that should not be violated. Beauty is defined in a specific way – thin, fair and good clothes. Being a good friend is defined in a specific way – who’s nice, there when you need them and don’t change anything about you.

Not to forget being a good girl – who doesn’t speak a lot, is charming (read smiles for everything but says nothing) and is likable (read won’t mind being said anything and is always ready to help at her own cost too).

Who do you want to be?

With this pressure and the confusion of not knowing who we want to be, we glide on through life wearing different masks, being different with different groups, blending in the crowd, trying hard to be likable but never satisfied and with a feeling that’s always nagging at you.

Then you learn from your pain, from the let downs, from the disappointments and the insults. You learn some more as you realize there shouldn’t be an effort to have people like you, especially at the cost of yourself.

A phase of confusion, sometimes even an agony you go through somewhere in your life, as you try to figure who you are or who you want to be known as. This short film reminded me of just that.


No longer can it go on

Then…you break free. You understand yourself better and know what you stand for , what you believe in and who really matter. You start to shed each of your masks and feel the weight diminishing too. You are FREE now! From the society, the rules and the demon in yourself.

Be YOU ! Because nobody can do that better than yourself.

Image source: youtube.

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  1. I liked the cleverness of the first part of this video. The concept of the masks is used very well and the brief from Aristotle’s cave concept is also brilliant. However, I do think the end of just unmasking is a bit abrupt,directionless and inconclusive. I do think your post however, takes off where the mask leaves us at and is more definitive and positive. Excellent post and I love the last paragraph it is true and liberating in its content and direction.

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