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Prerna Wahi worked in the corporate world for 7 years. In the past few years, she has been a stay-at-home mom. She has been enjoying the new role ever since and likes to write about her personal experiences. Her write-ups are inspired by the two men in her life- one she calls her strength (husband) and the other her weakness (son).

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Sex And The City Reboot: And Just Like That, Got It All Wrong!
Sex And The City Reboot: And Just Like That, Got It All Wrong!

And Just Like That, the reboot version of "Sex And the City" is the perfect example of why iconic shows should be left on their own.

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What Can We Expect In The Sequel Of Brahmastra?

This movie was fun to analyse, dissect and interpret as it left so many questions unanswered. It was a brilliant move to leave it at a point where it does.

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Do We Express Enough Appreciation For The Resilience Of Our Kids In Lockdown?

We should acknowledge that our kids are going through much worse than us in the lockdown, and do all we can as parents to make things easier on them.

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The Post Coronavirus Avatar Of Indian Moms We Had Never Visualised

Here’s an attempt to bring a smile to your face and discuss how moms are coping up with lockdown. Yes, those you are celebrating for Mother's Day.

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Value Yourself, & 6 Other Lessons I Learnt From The Characters In ‘Four More Shots, Please’!

Though 'Four More Shots, Please' is getting some mixed reviews, I liked the 2nd season! In fact, here are 7 lessons I learnt from Four More Shots, Please!

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3 Important Lessons I Teach While Raising A Feminist Son

It is 2020 and men taking up responsibilities at home is finally a reality. And women are raising their sons to be feminists. Here are 3 lessons from one such mom.

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The Woman In Me, The Woman In You The Woman In Everyone Needs To Be Celebrated

Here’s something to salute that spirit of womanhood and the wonderful qualities that make up every lovely female form.

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Taapsee Pannu’s Thappad Makes Us Face Issues We Often Push Under The Rug

Taapsee Pannu's Thappad is a resounding reminder that women empowerment is still a distance away, but mindsets can and need to change. Is it the slap we need?

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As 21st Century Citizens, Let’s Question Tradition And Chuck Out Menstrual Taboos

The original reasons for confining women during their periods is no longer relevant. Why continue with outdated customs, then?

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8 Life Lessons The TV Series Friends Had For Me, Even 15 Years Later

Right from teenagers to their parents, the series FRIENDS has something for everyone. The author, too, is a fan. Here are eight lessons, it taught her!

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Mothers, Sisters, Wives – You Choose What You Do With Your Lives

An accomplished woman, the poet here had to take some hard decisions on becoming a mother, something that most working moms, or stay at home moms on a break from work will identify with.

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Karvachauth Has A Special Place In My Heart And I Observe It For A Very Personal Reason

An intensely personal and honest account of why she keeps the karvachauth fast despite no pressure to do so, Prerna Wahi's words make you believe in the romance of it all.

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Why Festival Spending, Is Like A Crash Course In Financial Planning For Your Whole Life!

A mother's advice on how financial planning is important, especially because of the changing trends and patterns of festival spending.

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For All Millennial Moms… Let No One Judge For They Do Not Know

As every mother will agree, every one of us choses what works best for us, and no one outside ourselves has any business judging us. This holds even more true for millennial moms...

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7 Different Kinds Of Husbands

So mine is a blend of Romantic, Mr. Responsible and Hands on Dad. Which category or categories does your husband fall in?

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A Woman On Maternity Leave Is NOT On Holiday – Is Gender Diversity In Corporates Still A Myth?

Is the 'diversity drive' in corporates truly being taken in the spirit to increase women's inclusion, or is it only limited to slogans and getting the prescribed numbers right?

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With A Punjabi Mom And Tamilian MIL, My Home Has Been A (Fun) Cocktail Of Cultures!

Mutual respect despite a difference in cultures marks this lovely relationship, which thrives despite the (hilarious) hiccups along the way!

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Kids Don’t Stop Growing At Any Stage, And Neither Should You!

As a parent, you keep on learning something new every day. Here are three lessons this parent learnt about letting her son grow and explore his fullest potential.

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My (Slightly Exaggerated But True) Wedding Story, With Punjabi Parents & Tamil In-Laws

I'm a Punjabi, married to a Tamilian, and have a whole lot of hilarious stories to narrate on the cocktail of 2 very different cultures. Though the tales have been told here with a good dose of melodrama!

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A Letter To My Son

This letter from a parent to a son shares some of the most important life lessons every child needs.

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Siblings And Beyond

The author pens a poem which is not just about her sibling but all those who mean as much to her – her cousins, friends like family and of course siblings in law! 

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A Poem To The Younger Me

"There are things, situations, reactions which if it had been different could have led to different outcomes. If you had a chance to go back to your younger self, is there any advice you have?"

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‘There’s A Song For Every Mood’ And 6 Other Life Lessons That Bollywood Taught Me

As a movie buff, Bollywood holds a special place in my heart. Despite the criticism that Hindi movies are over the top, or divorced from reality, here are a few life lessons I learnt from them.

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9 Funny Things Indian Moms Do – Anything Sounds Familiar?

Mothers can be funny people. No, I'm serious! Something happens when a woman becomes a mom, and say or do funny things.

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5 Killer Management Lessons I Got From My Personal Life – Share Yours!

Does the idea of learning management lessons at home seem unusual or even weird? Prerna Wahi finds that these 5 effective management lessons work equally at home and at work!

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2 Sides Of The Mommy Coin!

Being a mom every day is not easy. There are days when I wish I could go back to my carefree life and not have someone fully dependent on me all the time.

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How My Parents & In-Laws Set Grandparenting Goals By Being Involved Yet Non-Interfering

Staying hands-on in their kids' and grand-kids' lives without being interfering can be a wonderful thing for the elders in the family, letting them live full, joyous lives.

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Here’s Why Sanju Is Watchable, Even If You’re Not A Sanjay Dutt Fan

Sanju has been a much awaited movie, dealing as it does with Sanjay Dutt who has for long been controversy’s child. Here's an interesting point of view about the movie.

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toddler's world
Hi! I Couldn’t Speak As A Baby, But Now I Want To Tell You What I Thought About My Parents!

Young kids. What must be going on behind those innocent yet mischief filled eyes? What would a toddler's world be like? Here's a personal account. 

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Five Things That I Learnt From My Five Year Old!

With their innocence and simplicity, children teach us a lot. Read on to know how this mother learnt five important lessons from her five year old. 

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living apart together
Living Apart Together Is The Reality For More And More Indian Couples Today. Does It Work?

Relationships of any kind can thrive if there is mutual love and trust and a willingness to work on them. Especially in a long distance one, living apart together.

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loved ones
How I Helped My Toddler Cope With The Loss Of Both His Much Loved Great Grandmothers

Bearing the loss of loved ones is difficult for all of us. It probably is even tougher for a toddler who cannot express himself completely with words.

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development milestones
Is Getting Into The Milestones Race About Our Babies Really Worth It?

Babies reach various development milestones at different rates, so there is no reason to worry unless they are ill or unwell for some reason.

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moving to a new city with a kid
7 Handy Tips For Parents Moving To A New City In India With A Young Kid

Moving to a new city with a kid who might find the move difficult or stressful? Here are 7 handy tips for you to mull over and act upon.

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husband of one night
Husband Of One Night [#ShortStory]

It was as if she were his property to be treated as he fancied. She left without saying another word to her husband of one night.

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second child
When Are You Having Your Second Child?

To have a second child or not should be completely the couple's personal decision, as it should be with having a child in the first place!

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it happened one day
It Happened One Day! [#ShortStory]

Is this why when my friends were checking out the college stud, I was looking at his girlfriend in the short mini? Is this why no matter how many boys I met who showed interest in me, I could not care less?

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all the help they can get
My Tales Of The Village That It Takes To Raise A Child!

Any parent would agree that, right from when they are expecting a child to when the child is old enough to express its needs, they need all the help they can get.

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This Is Why I Believe That I Have Found My Soulmate In My Husband

I sometimes wonder if soulmates exist. I personally think they do, as I could call my husband my soulmate, one who understands me and vice versa.

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institution of marriage
7 Ways Your Experience Of Marriage Would Be Different From Your Grandmother’s

The traditional institution of marriage has changed as people become more aware of equality between spouses and the unfairness of old practices.

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part-time parents
Are Fathers Only Part-Time Parents?

Fathers are not usually the parent who is available to a child, and they parent only at their own convenience, if they parent at all. Part-time parents?

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technology for kids
How Much Is Too Much Technology For Today’s Kids? Is It Any Use Even Stopping Them?

Is it any use restricting gadget use for kids who have cut their teeth on them? How much is too much technology for kids?

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a move from Delhi to Chennai
How A Move From Delhi To Chennai For My Mixed Family Meant Unlearning Our Earlier Way Of Life!

As a Delhiite, a move from Delhi to Chennai meant that we had to work hard to let go of our earlier way of life, even though my husband was a Tamilian!

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things people say to pregnant women
How To Deal With The Funny Things People Say To Pregnant Women

Indian society being so obsessed with 'reproduction' in a marriage, we often have to deal with funny things people say to pregnant women!

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things people say to new moms
8 Things You Should NEVER Say To First Time Mommies!

Some things people say to new moms are absolutely crazy - what kind of an answer do you really think one is supposed to give to these?

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quitting a career
It Was My Choice To Quit My Career And Stay At Home As A Mom. No Regrets!

Quitting a career to be home with my child is one of the best decisions I have taken, and here's why I do not regret it one bit!

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