Should you watch Animal or not?

I watched Animal & it’s not for the faint hearted for sure!

The feminist in me cringed throughout the movie, seeing the insignificant role of the women & toxic dialogues of the men. I didn\’t appreciate the private parts related humour. It wasn\’t funny. I didn\’t like the role of women being reduced to mere caregivers or just physical companions!

But the Bollywood fan in me loved the powerful performance by Ranbir Kapoor (RK). Movie is ALL him. Others don’t have any role, not even supporting. Perhaps special apprarances. Be it Anil kapoor or Rashmika or Bobby. RK is the villain of the movie, not a hero. He is an anti hero & that category usually functions without any notice or logic. If you can accept that, you may find the movie tolerable.

I’m not a RK fan. He is a brilliant actor and has proved his mettle yet again, with this strong performance. Some claim this is his best performance till date. Perhaps rightly so. Though personally I still prefer Barfi due to the movie genre.

Sadly the director didn’t do justice to this movie.

A movie can’t do well without a good story, tight plot & it’s been proved yet again. The other movies it’s being compared to (Jawan, Pathan etc) all had stories even if with over the top acting or gravity defying violence. The story of Animal is exactly what they show in the trailer. There’s nothing more to add. Except action scenes & romance.

As in why was RK the way he was, no one knows or cares to explain. I wasn’t expecting a message from this movie but at least wanted a logical story. A back story to show his gradual evolution into this extreme character rather than random scenes put together from flash back.

Finally, Rashmika’s acting & dialogue delivery is beyond pathetic. Not sure if it’s just me, but I didn’t follow her dialogues. Someone please tell her that gritting your teeth doesn’t make you a good actor. Also, let me add that she isn’t allowed to slap a man even if he deserves it. Domestic abuse works both ways & isn’t acceptable.

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I really wish some of Rashmika’s dialogues were given to Bobby Deol (not a fan of him but was good to see him on screen after decades).

Violence isn’t for me & I was covering my eyes in the gory scenes. The movie is too long and required some crisp editing.

With end credits I felt there may be a sequel. While others think it was just to pique interest. Industry can’t take another Animal!

Good they made their money on opening weekend because, doubt it will make more.

Finally answering the question, who should watch it versus who shouldn’t.

As many are seeking reviews or guidance on how to decide. I would say…

Skip this movie if you –

Don’t like gore/blood shed

Don’t like Ranbir Kapoor

Look for logic/sense in a movie

But do watch if you can look beyond the unconnected scenes, lack of story & just for the brilliant performance by one of the finest stars of this generation!

Tell me your thoughts.


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