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7 Different Kinds Of Husbands

Posted: September 30, 2019

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Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband!

Our husbands are often the target of a lot of jokes but they are useful to have around. Here are a few varieties that can be seen in the market.

  1. I, Me & myself –He is the quintessential narcissist husband who is selfish to the core. He just knows his needs and focuses on himself, oblivious to his wife and children. This variety is caught in a time warp and should ideally go back to medieval times.
  2. Mama’s boy –While every mother dreams of such a son, every wife dreads him. This one has not cut the cord from his mom and believes in discussing every little thing with her. Obviously his wife is always annoyed with him for sharing everything from the day’s menu to her last period!
  3. Hands on “Dad” –This husband is every wife’s dream especially when she becomes a mother. Before they become parents he might as well be treating her as a child and soon after become an involved dad doing everything from changing diapers to feeding to putting the child to sleep.
  4. As you say –He perhaps agrees with everything his wife says so people clearly know who wears the pants in that house. He is probably devoid of any personality of his own and living in the shadows of his wife.
  5. Eternal Romantic –For this husband the honeymoon period never gets over. Wife comes first even after they have children. He makes it a point to pamper her, take her on date nights, share the work load etc.
  6. Wearing the apron guy–The traditional gender roles seem blurry if your husband is this type. He can cook, do laundry, and clean up the mess just as well as you or even better. He is equally capable of managing the household, setting the perfect example before your kids.
  7. Mr. Responsible – Give him a task and consider it done. He is the most dependable and dutiful person in the family often stepping in whenever required. He is independent and does not require anyone to take care of him. He packs his own bag for trips and can manage alone at home.

You may wonder why I have not listed a Perfect husband. That’s simply because a perfect husband is truly a myth.

I strongly feel that people are imperfect; with their flaws but relationships can still be perfect- something to strive for.

I know some husbands may fall in multiple categories. So mine is a blend of Romantic, Mr. Responsible and Hands on dad.

Which category or categories does your husband fall in? Share in comments below and let me know!

We are not here to judge but no matter what, we women always make our husbands look good.

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