Hip Grandma

The Hip Grandma lives in a small industrial town called Jamshedpur and despite all its shortcomings, she would rather not shift anywhere! She began her career at a local women’s college for two reasons: she desperately needed to socialize and the extra money it fetched was handy. The job has given her much more than she ever expected and she finds her daily interaction with teenage girls refreshing.

Voice of Hip Grandma

I Went From Wondering Why Was My Mom Crazy To Realising How Cute She Was!

She never let on how much she missed me when I visited her after marriage. It was important for her to let go and help me bond with my new family.

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A Leader In The Making

She was truly scared. Everything seemed scary. The young entrepreneur who lived across the road….

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When Friendship Knows No Religion – Why We Need Peace And Love Right Now

Is it not better to work towards peace and harmony instead of clinging to an unhappy past? It is the love and goodwill that will matter in the end. 

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I’m Not Entertaining Him; Would He Let You Sleep With His Wife?

The ease with which she stepped into two entirely different roles surprised her more than others. More so because she resented both from the core of her heart.

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I’ve Made My Choice And Am Willing To Face The Consequences

She would now have a talk with Farooque and impress upon him that a third or fourth marriage would not guarantee the birth of a son and that daughters were as precious as sons if not more.

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Time Flies; But The Memories Of Abuse Last For Ever

She didn’t remain a six year old all her life. She grew. She understood how gambling and betting could ruin an otherwise normal family.

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It Was Then That I Realized That I Too Would Be Forcibly Rested Every Month! [#FirstPeriodStories]

No knowledge of what periods are and how to manage them can be traumatic to a young girl. Education and banishing of menstrual taboos is key.

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Dreaming Away [#ShortStory]

Dreams, or daydreams? Any which way, they can take you you on your own journey, and give you something to think about. So, dream away!

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Trapped And Alone? [#ShortStory]

 A story about being different. "If your parents had stopped worrying about what the world would think of you, life would have been that much easier for you to live."

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Parental Support. May 2016 Muse Of The Month Winning Entry By Hip Grandma

They were her parents, and she knew they would stand by her no matter what, even if her choice saddened them. May 2016 Muse of the Month winning entry.

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A Letter To My Son: Stalking Girls Is Not Funny

A mother writes a letter to her son, telling him what mindless, irresponsible actions can impact innocent lives and how stalking girls is not funny.

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An Open Letter To My Son: Work On Building Trust

A mother writes to her son, to work on creating a safe environment for women, wherever he goes.

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When All She Wanted Was To Feel Included

This short story on including our senior citizens in our lives will touch your heart and get your mind questioning.

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An Old Affair But A New Beginning

An old affair rears its head uncomfortably after many years of trying to forget. A beautiful story of human frailty - and capacity to love.

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And The Bubble Burst [Story]

Honesty in a relationship can make or break it. Here's a story about adapting to circumstances, and dealing with the truth.

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Difficult Choices : How Do You Choose To Break Free?

The choice of breaking free from a tough situation is a difficult one to make. This post examines the process, the obstacles, and how a little support can go a long way.

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Rape Culture And Men: Will Things Ever Change?

Questions of gender violence and rape culture have no easy answers. Here is a thoughtful exploration of men, perversion, and how cultures can evolve.

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Crime Against Women
Crime Against Women: Who Takes Responsibility?

Crime Against Women is still at large inspite of all the talk of empowerment these days. Here the author explores the fundamental reasons for Violence Against Women in India.

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supporting girls education
Physically Challenged, Mentally Strong – A Girl Who Rocks!

Girls Rock? Well, of course they do. In so many little ways that one does not even notice. Mini Pandey was born with deformed legs and staggers when she walks. Her parents abandoned her at birth and asked her maternal grandmother to give her up to some orphanage or adoption home. The grandparents decided against […]

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Generation Gap: Who Adjusts?

Senior citizens in India whose children live abroad find the generation gap and adjustment to it a challenge if moving their lives abroad

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Tiger Mother Syndrome
The Tiger Mother Syndrome

Reading Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother makes an Indian parent wonder whether the tiger mother syndrome applied to her

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Progressive Evolution

Is moving away from your parents necessarily a sign of progressive evolution?

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How to let go of old things
On Letting Go Of Old Things

How to let go of old things and ensure your children are not cleaning up after you? A mother's dilemma

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On Celebrating Women’s Day………

While women's empowerment in India proceeds, is the male ego reluctant to let the status of women in India change?

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The Other Side Of The Story

When many Indian families have children settling abroad, what is the grandparent's side of the story?

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Unacceptable Social Behavior: Why Do People Stay In Abusive Relationships?

Why do abusers behave the way they do? And why do women as well as men, stay on in abusive relationships?

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Defining Family Values

Defining family values is tricky; some families believe they are entitled to all of a son's earnings, while others do not want to depend on children.

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Teaching Children That Dishonesty Is Ok?

In their misplaced ambition, are Indian parents teaching children that dishonesty is ok?

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Older women
Why Do Older Women Abstain From Sex?

Is it social conditioning at play that compels older women to believe that even having sexual urges and desires beyond a certain age is inappropriate?

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Abusive Husbands & Male Egos

Is it the inflated male ego that makes men abusive? Domestic violence can be of different kinds, including mental abuse.

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CSA – Who takes responsibilty?

The trauma of child sexual abuse can result in complex reactions, and every child needs the parents' support, not judgement

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Divorce made easy??

Is the younger generation taking marriage for granted and opting for divorce too easily?

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Fraternal Polyandry

Most of us know Draupadi's story, but does fraternal polyandry still exist in some parts of India?

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Retirement Blues

The Hip Grandma contemplates retirement and wonders if it is possible to make friends anew at the age of sixty

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Empowering Our Women

Empowering women is not about making others uncomfortable; it is about including women as equal decision makers

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Unromantically Yours…

60 years ago, an Indian husband who displayed absolute faith in his wife

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Society And Crime Against Women

I’ve taken a long time to write about violence against women. Not that I’ve never witnessed or heard about it. It is my inability to do much for the victims that makes me hesitant to even talk about it. All or at least most of us have been victims of mental if not physical torture […]

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Religion and the lack of it

In an earlier post I had written about certain misunderstandings I had as a teenager and a young woman and how I now stand corrected. One such misunderstanding was that people who did not believe in the existence of an all powerful God were bad. They were people without morals. Somehow they didn’t fit into […]

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Divorce & A Changing Society

An acquaintance of mine supposedly distributed sweets when her daughter s divorce was granted by court. She was happy that the days spent in bitter court room battles were over and done with. Her daughter would now be free to concentrate on her career and future. She was granted custody of her 3 year old […]

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When little things become big issues………

I have just finished reading The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Divakaruni Banerjee and I find myself viewing the well known epic Mahabharat from an entirely different angle. The author ought to be commended for approaching the epic from Draupadi s point of view. I would not say that I have never wondered how Draupadi […]

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Mothers of a different kind……..

Meenu (name changed) joined the Intermediate Science course in our college last year. Initially I did not realize that her gait was peculiar or that she walked with a limp. She always occupied a corner seat and seemed to be a cheerful young girl with a keen interest in her subject. Her smile was contagious. […]

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Love Mania and Family Honor

It was shocking to hear of the brutal murder of a 17 year old college student in Ranchi – a girl who had just answered her 12th boards and was emerging from the examination hall. The act was pre-meditated and carried out by her spurned lover who simply chopped her head off with a dagger […]

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Child Sex Abuse – My two cents.

I ve gone through a whole lot of survivor stories narrated by those who have been sexually abused as children. While it has angered and agonized me that despite of so much abuse taking place one we still like to believe that it happens to others, I also realize that the first step one can […]

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A true story of child sexual abuse

The following is a mixture of fact and fiction. This incidence of child sex abuse did take place some 25 years back and the school authorities were indeed very understanding. I came to hear of it through reliable sources and has remained with me ever since. However, the circumstances that led to intimacy between the […]

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Marriage: another point of view

My comment on R s Mom s post on whether marriage is an over rated institution has evoked strong responses from several young readers as I had expected. Several young women seem to think that marriage is an over rated concept and that a woman/man need not marry unless the need for matrimony is strongly […]

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Folklore as a teaching aid

It is long since I wrote or read anything. No particular reason for that except that I was a little busy preparing for a talk that I gave on the 1st of March on Folklore and Environment an Indian perspective as part of a seminar organized by the Oriya Department of our college. I must […]

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When your child is “different”

Parenting a normal child has not been easy but it somehow seems to be manageable but parenting a child who is different is a challenge. One would not know before hand whether a child is normal or differently able. When one does understand that his/her child is autistic or dyslexic or has an attention deficiency, […]

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My grandpa will not die…

“My grandpa is not going to die soon. He plans to score a century…” “My mother in law will not leave till she swallows her only surviving son…” “I need to get on with my life. I cannot be responsible for my mother all my life. I plan to put her in a home and […]

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When parents need counselling

I have often blogged about dealing with mental illness since I have had to interact with one such person myself in the early years of my marriage. I have witnessed the agony of parents of such people and have felt like forgiving them for any misbehavior on their part since they are usually unable to […]

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Informal Education

It is long since I posted anything the reason being the onset of winter and the tendency to curl up in bed with a book whenever possible. I am reading an interesting book by Dr. Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief and it has given me an insight into the role played by the mind […]

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On Motherhood: Who Is A Mother In The Real sense?

Starry eyed had raised a question in her post on whether a surrogate mother, mother to an adopted child or a woman who has lost a child due to death or miscarriage and one who has been cut off from her children for whatever reason is still a mother. The inputs from her readers are […]

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Living With Mental Illness

I was upset when I heard that my good friend Prema s older brother Raju passed away. No, he was not young nor did he leave behind dependents. He was schizophrenic and in the care of another brother who himself has retired from his services in the Railways. So, in a way it was good […]

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“Deergha Sumangali Bhava”

When I was growing up it was customary for us seek the blessings of elders by prostrating at their feet. The usual blessings given to us girls would be May you get a good husband. Boys would be blessed with the usual May you do well in life or may you have a great career […]

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Obsessive Behaviour

Long back when I was new to this industrial town I was amused to observe an obsession for cleanliness in some of my neighbors. Now who doesn t like a well kept house with everything in perfect order? But it is one thing to strive to keep things in order and quite another to drive […]

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Joint Families – An Introspection On Their Dying Out

Long back my mother expressed her desire to have both my brothers, then unmarried, living under the same roof post marriage. It was a known fact that my brothers were quite close to each other and my mother was confident that their bonding would not take a beating even if they continued to live together […]

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We Compromising Indians

Ever since Kalmadi bashing started I ve stopped watching other programs on TV and preferred watching the news coverage of our preparation rather the lack of it for the Commonwealth Games known as CWG. I was not surprised that teams from different countries wanted to pull out for the unlivable conditions in the games village. […]

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Unusual Relationships: Asexuality May Be More Common Than You Think

Lately, I have been thinking of an unusual type of relationship among humans: one of asexuality. Well, come to think of it, asexuality may be more common than we expect it to be. It was perhaps never openly discussed. We, in India, are so tight lipped when it comes to discussing sexuality, that several problems […]

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This is life!

Suranga s post on Pension Sarees and Security blankets took me back to the time when I actually thought that I lived in a country where hard work was rewarded. Oh yes, it may fetch you a rank and a certificate that you can frame/laminate and place it in your show case but if you […]

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Special And Not-so-special children.

Mythology mentions that when Markandeya s mother was given the option of having a short lived but intelligent son or a son low on intelligence but blessed with a long life, she preferred to have an intelligent son even if he was destined to live for just sixteen years. Thus was born Markandeya, an exemplary […]

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Career Women And Assertion

Why do educated young women prefer to play a subordinate role in the family - just to pamper the misplaced ego of their spouses?

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The Teaching And Learning Process

An old student (let me call her K) paid us a call last week saying that she planned to join a post graduate course and needed to apply for a college leaving certificate. It was actually 10 years since she passed out and she was currently employed as a teacher in a local school. Since […]

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A balancing Act

Vimla must have just drifted off to sleep when her husband Sailesh woke her up. It was well past midnight and the summer s heat was oppressive. It was annoying to be woken up but she realized that the matter had to be urgent for Sailesh to disturb her knowing that it had been a […]

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When Colleagues Turn Romantic

An incident that took place long back keeps coming back to my mind every now and then. I belong to an older generation and my career has not been particularly difficult, so I had it easy. Not so the current bunch of ambitious young women. They have goals in mind and work hard to reach […]

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Mother’s day – A retrospective

Mother’s day is nearing and all of us are gearing up to celebrate the day. I don’t remember this being such an important day when my children were growing up. I vaguely remember being invited to their Bal-Vihar class along with other mothers and children were made to wash their mother’s feet as a mark […]

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