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Heena Shah

Mother to a bubbly teenager and a student of psychology, Heena is also a travel enthusiast. She loves to observe the happenings around her and weave them into beautiful stories. A writer with a passion to write real-life heartwarming tales. Author of 'A Roller Coaster Called Life' & 'Women On Top Is It A Turn Off and Other Stories.' Read her blogs to know more, see you there : ) Follow her on Instagram @creativemusingz

Voice of Heena Shah

Gossip Mongers And How They Can Ruin Your Life!

It is always good to clarify with the person concerned about the situation rather than jumping to conclusions or passing comments.

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It’s Not Her Fault, If She Gives Birth To A Female Child!

The torture which these women and girls are facing is not just physical, it's mental and emotional as well.

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A Delivery Person’s Diwali

Lockdown hadn't been easy for any of us, it has brought along with it innumerable difficulties and challenges in each one's life. We all have tried our best to keep ourselves afloat in some way or the other. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky.

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I Think It’s Finally Time To Make Peace With My Annoying Uninvited Guest!

My silver're such a high maintenance guest. You expect oil massages, healthy food, expensive products! Despite this, you give me headaches! Enough is enough.

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My Inch Loss Journey Over One And A Half Months

FAT or WEIGHT - one of the big obstacles in every woman's life, when in excess. Uninvited it barges in and overstays, without a word of leaving, just like any unwanted guests, a big gate crasher! Settling in on all kinds of body parts, belly, arms, thighs and buttocks to name just a few.

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Jingle In The Jar

'Tangggg...' 'Tingggg...' the coins jingled as they were tossed in the huge glass jar. The jar was empty as of now, but by the end of the day, it is sure to be almost full or maybe at least half full.

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I’m Proud Of My Decision To Have One Child. Yes, You Heard Me Right

Where is it written that a family is complete only when you have two children or rather, only when you have children?

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Why Does An Ambitious Career Woman Have To Be Judged By The Rotis She Makes?

If he goes to work, and has responsibilities, so does she. Why does this simple fact not occur to so many sexist people?

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There Is No Way To Be A Perfecft Mother And A Million Ways To Be A Good One

As women, we are bestowed with the 'power' to bring a new life to earth, and then as they say, "With great power comes great responsibility!"

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vir das
‘Vir Das Spoke About 2 Indias…Here’s My Take On The Country’s Never-Ending Contrasts!’

The performance by Vir Das has turned into a controversy. But it takes maturity to understand difference between maligning India & stating the truth!

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A Soldier’s Diwali

This Diwali, don’t forget to express your gratitude for these heroes who live in solitude, do pray for their long life and safety. In case if you happen to meet one do shake hands and thank them, it’s our duty.

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I Got Talking With My House-Help & I Just Couldn’t Believe Her Daily Routine!

This is a true story of my house-help Titli. Our house-helps deserve much more than what they make. I don't mean only monetarily, but respect, compassion and understanding too!

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When Squid Game Meets Diwali Dhamaka

Nothing was a task or a chore, as everyone would be full of enthusiasm to help in whichever way possible. Everything was done together, from cleaning and decorating the house to making sweets and rangolis.

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She Went Through 3 C-Sections, But Did She Have A Choice?

If the first child is a girl, the daughter in law is forced to go in for a second one saying it's definitely going to be a boy this time. What happens if it's a girl? She's asked to go in for a third one!

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Multiple Coaching Classes Laying Claim To JEE Topper’s Success Is Just Unscrupulous Marketing To Parents

One young lad attending multiple coaching classes just to clear this competitive exam? How can he be present physically at more than one institute?

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‘I Hate My Mother!’ Was My Most Constant Feeling, Growing Up… But Now I Know Better

I grew up with a mother who suffered from depression and was on medication, and this is what my childhood was like... though now I know better and wish she didn't have to suffer!

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bucket list
I Had Only 24 Hrs To Live & Had To Do Everything On My Bucket List From Colouring My Hair Red To Buying A Manish Malhotra Dress!

'I am too young to die...' I thought as I hurried to cross off everything from my bucket list. From red hair & a tattoo to sitting on a roller-coaster, I had to live my last day to the fullest!

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