She Went Through 3 C-Sections, But Did She Have A Choice?

If the first child is a girl, the daughter in law is forced to go in for a second one saying it's definitely going to be a boy this time. What happens if it's a girl? She's asked to go in for a third one!

If the first child is a girl, the daughter in law is forced to go in for a second one saying it’s definitely going to be a boy this time. What happens if it’s a girl? She’s asked to go in for a third one!

Unbearable pain! Pain from the stitches due to C-section- not for a week, not for a month, rather went on almost for two months!

I couldn’t move much, couldn’t feed my child, couldn’t change sides while sleeping, without screaming out in pain.

Though it’s almost 13 years now, I am still filled with dread thinking about those days. Thanks to this pain I never thought of going in for a second child.

I was left dumbstruck when I heard one of my acquaintances had a third C-section! How could she? How did she? And why? So many questions started to flood my mind.

All for the son and heir the family wanted

Ah… of course, the family wanted a boy! She has two girls and now without a boy who would carry forward the family legacy! An educated girl like her, she too fell prey to their pathetic demands.

Luckily for her, she gave birth to a boy, what if it was a girl? And at what cost! Doctors had clearly told her after her second daughter that she cannot go in for a third C-section, yet the family did not pay heed. They were completely okay even if her body went through all the torture, the cuts, and the pain, rather did they care about it at all!? For them, their khandaan ka chirag was more important than their daughter in law.

She cries in front of me, complains about how her back aches, how her stitches hurt, how it’s so difficult to take care of three children, how no one listened to her, including her husband!

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Who cares for the trauma of the woman?

This is just one of the innumerable stories we hear on daily basis, especially here in India. It is really sad, that even though man has reached the moon and now soon Mars, yet people are still living in the same old world where son is a must.

Women who give birth to two daughters are cursed, are looked down upon, by none other than other women themselves! Is it her fault that she gave birth to a girl child?

If the first child is a girl, the daughter in law is forced to go in for a second one saying it’s definitely going to be a boy this time. What happens if it’s a girl, she’s asked to go in for a third one! Does she have a choice?

Two of my neighbours went in for their third child. Young, educated women opting for three children in today’s age, it’s beyond my understanding. One of them was threatened by her mother in law that she would get her son married elsewhere for the want of a male heir. She didn’t have a choice but to go in for the third child, that too C-section!

One of my friends went in for a third child after 11 years of gap, her eldest daughter was 14 when she gave birth to her third daughter. Who guarantees the third one is going to be a boy? But did she have a choice?

When will all these outdated thoughts be eradicated from our society?

Aren’t daughters enough?! In fact, they’re more than enough. They take care of their parents as much as the sons would. But the society thinks otherwise.

Nobody ever thought about the mother who had to bear the C-section scar, the scar for life. They were too selfish in fulfilling their lame wishes.

And for her, did she have a choice?

Dear readers,

After going through the immense pain from my C-section, I was completely sure I wouldn’t go in for a second child and I’m really happy with my decision for many reasons.

But I’m really saddened by the way things haven’t changed even today for so many women. It’s a sad state of affairs!

What are your thoughts? Do let me know in the comments section.

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Image source: a still from Ghost Stories

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