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Blessed With A Girl Child? “Start Saving The Gold Now!”

Posted: December 8, 2020

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When ‘well-wishers’ insist that parents of a girl should start buying gold right away, they are actually calling your daughter a liability. 

It’s a saying that gold or diamonds – is what a girl or a woman is most fond of. Is that true for all? Well, in that case, I am an exception here.

Some say that if you get loaded with a kilo of gold at a wedding or a function, then you will figure among the eminent folk of the city. On the contrary, I yearn for ornaments which are easier to carry and look graceful and suited to my personality. My choice, my way.

Yet again some say, “It’s a future saving in the form of investment.” However, I am a woman who prefers to spend the same fund on a family vacation or if investment is to be considered, then I prefer to invest in mutual funds or a fixed deposit.

My focus here is not about the investment portfolio by the way, as I know all of you may comprehend it better these days. Then why am I talking about ‘gold’ and ‘girls’?

Let me take you on a little rewind to the days when I was blessed with an angel in my life in the form of a girl child.

Start saving for her wedding…

Girl child…Congratulations!

Pari aayi hai!” (You have an angel)

Beti toh nasib walo ko milti hai.” (Only the fortunate ones have a girl)

Ek beti toh honi chahiye.” (Every family needs one girl)

Ma ki saheli hoti hai betiyan.” (A daughter is a mother’s friend)

And the last punch line!

“Beti aayi hai, sona jama karo abhi se.” (You have a girl, start saving up the gold now!)

The first four statements were additionally followed by the last punch line. So, the so-called well-wishers meant to say that you should start bothering about accumulating wealth because you have given birth to an angel-cum- liability. The irony is, the same punch line never came to me when I delivered my first child, who happened to be a boy.

Gold or not, it will be her choice

When I visited my native place with my two munchkins, a few relatives started to brainwash me with their great thoughts and knowledge about the investment involved in the wedding of a daughter. The same punch line tore my ears and finally, I started responding to them with respect.

“I am not sure if my daughter (who was just 3 months old then) will prefer marrying or will want to lead a professional life exploring different parts of the country as an independent woman.”

“I am not sure if gold will be the criteria of 21st-century families for tying the knot of their son with a partner.”

“I am not sure if my daughter would love to be loaded with gold to showcase her identity.”

“But I am pretty much sure that I need to be logical and reasonable about my savings for my children’s education and future and I have a portfolio professional who is the father of the family.”

This thought of ‘Gold and Girl’ is the seed which results in a harvest in the minds of people who consider the daughter, indirectly, as a liability. Wearing gold is an individual choice and it’s just a precious metal. Gold does not defines anyone’s beauty or personality.

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Sagarika Sahoo has done MBA and M.Com and pursued her career as a lecturer.

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