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Sagarika Sahoo has done MBA and M.Com and pursued her career as a lecturer. She had short term experience in IT companies as a finance professional as well. She is now a full-time mother of two adorable children and invests her time in writing blogs, quotes, poems, captions in various platforms. Writing is a passion for her.

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An Unspoken Scar!

Saloni was walking on the pavement in an oblivious state of mind. She was in some deep thoughts as if something was distressing her...

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Live A Little More For Yourself

Womanhood is a roller coaster ride where a woman keeps altering her roles and ensuing so deep into it to get the best version of herself. She keeps on dragging her potential until she satisfies everyone around her that eventually lands her with great gratification.

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If Kanyadaan Exists Then Why Not Introduce Putradaan As Well?

'Kanyadaan' is a Sanskrit word that means giving away the daughter. But is she a commodity? if we have Kanyadaan, why not Putradaan also?

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Men Need Recognition Too!

In conversations about sexism and feminism, we tend to forget that patriarchy also binds men to restrictive roles and expectations.

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Womanhood In Me Inspires Me!

In our lives, we are constantly inspired by the people we come across, we admire them, learn from them. But, our will to remain motivated is what matters the most. 

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Thanking Our COVID-19 Women Warriors

While we all face many challenges posed by COVID, women have risen to the occasion and fight the good fight for so many of us.

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Become Your Own Competitor And Get Better Each Day

Competition is a progressive yet a destructive term. But, if used with the intention to help self, can create positive results.

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Just A Punch To Your Goals!

Motherhood is not an impediment rather the freedom to understand our surplus powers.

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Going From A Curvy Figure To A Mom-Bod, My Journey Taught Me A Lot!

'You have a magical body that's how you delivered a healthy baby. Your curvy figure wasn't your identity, it only showed your efforts!'

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Just ‘Cos She Is Married Doesn’t Mean She Should Let Go Of Her Dreams!

Instead of bombarding a newly-married woman with too many roles, give her space to explore her new world while following her own dreams!

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Whether You Earn Or Not Has Nothing To Do With You Being An Independent Homemaker

If you think, stay-at-home mothers or even home-makers aren't independent, let me tell you why they are incredibly independent!

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It’s Time We Stopped Judging Women For Living Their Lives The Way They Want!

From the moment they are born to the moment they die, women constantly face judgements, no matter what. It's time we stopped the judgements!

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Blessed With A Girl Child? “Start Saving The Gold Now!”

When 'well-wishers' insist that parents of a girl should start buying gold right away, they are actually calling your daughter a liability. 

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Stages Of Mother-hoo

A mother takes us through different stages of motherhood, each of which comes with a different set of challenges.

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My Identity As A Homemaker

Does a woman lose her identity when she becomes a homemaker? Learn from a mother who pursued her hobbies to formulate her own identity.

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