Stages Of Mother-hoo

A mother takes us through different stages of motherhood, each of which comes with a different set of challenges.

A mother takes us through different stages of motherhood, each of which comes with a different set of challenges.

Motherhood starts from the day you conceive and get the blessed news. Congratulations!! You are pregnant.

Stage 1.Pregnancy

Here is when your body is not yours and taken over by the one who gives you the greatest promotion with extra perks of morning sickness, BP, Sugar bla bla…

Yes, of course, you start appreciating your weight machine for the first time, showing weight gain. Thank God!!!

My baby is gaining pounds, forgetting the war you fought with exercise and dieting to keep your body fit. Yes, you are already a mom now.

A full-term ends with the scariest pressure tearing up the softest tissue to bring the miracle which was growing inside. Your motherhood voyage right in your arms!!

Stage 2. A new mom 

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Thrills, love, cuddles and challenges are all a mixed composition you will realise in this stage. Your mind and heart rotate only in one direction without any control over it.

Feeding, naps, bathing, vaccination, sleepless night are the things you read and apply. Baby chuckling and crawling, cuddling, the fragrance of baby powder on his body, pulling your untidy hair, his soft fingers touching your face are worth of all pain.

Stage 3.Mom of toddler and preschooler

The two bodies were living as one till now. In this stage, the little one got wings to fly his journey leaving mom, anxious yet free. The motherhood chapter is a combination of emotions and makes you feel lost.

The pain you feel to see your sobbing child on playschool gate to the feeling of prosperity seeing your child reading your name is unexplainable. You get some leisure moments here finally after four years.

Stage 4. The disciplined mom

Here, your child must be six-plus where he needs your undivided attention as this stage would be the foundation of his future. A mother’s multi-talented performance starts here when your child demands something and you need your skills to deny the proposal without making him disheartened.

You need lots of patience, dedication, discipline backed by love and sentiments. The pressure of schooling yet the happiness of seeing your little one winning the first medal in a martial arts competition gives you the sense of self-achievement.

Your child’s unstoppable queries become a part of your regular talks and you land up being a teacher. Google search, studies and gaming app take over your mobile from shopping sites and mom’s websites. Indeed, you’ll love this journey as well!!

Stage 5. The friendly mom

Your child now would be achieving your height or maybe taller. How does it feel to raise your eyebrows to look into his eyes? Yes, Your little one is a teenager now demanding this relation a new name “Friends”.

Your child undergoes changes in his body and also in the mind. A mom’s role changes here to that of a companion. Sharing jokes, talking about opposite-sex attractions, career guidance all come in the platter. You have to modify your forties to sweet sixteen to befriend with your little partner. Its an incredible yet challenging reformation.

Stage 6. The mentally tough mom

Here a 24*7 involved mom will now be physically free as her teenager becomes a professional or moves to another city. There are mixed sentiments, of happiness about your child settling but also pain to see him prioritise his work and partner over you.

The responsibility never ends though. Your guidance for the marriage relationship, work-life balance, parenthood tips all will be a part of your job. This is a phase of bringing back the personality you left behind because you became a mom. Get back your wings and start a new journey!!

Stage 7. The mom of a grandchild

This is the stage of rebirth for a mom, when you hold your miracle baby sitting on a rocking chair. To you it doesn’t seem like that long ago, you go back to stage 2 when you held your baby for the first time. In this stage, your personality is becomes different.

Storytelling, pampering, moral values and play are all a part of the list. You are promoted to Grandmother and you feel so cherished and blessed.

Motherhood is a journey never-ending process and a mom never retires. The transformation of your personality and learnings on all stages are so versatile. The significance of a mom doesn’t depart from the child even when she leaves and goes to heaven. She is immortal in the life of her child.

A great salute to all the lovely mothers.

Which stage you all are in??? I am in 3rd and 4th(as I have two munchkins), incredible stage.

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