An Unspoken Scar!

Saloni was walking on the pavement in an oblivious state of mind. She was in some deep thoughts as if something was distressing her...

Saloni was walking on the pavement in an oblivious state of mind. She was in some deep thoughts as if something was distressing her…

Somehow, she could manage to cross the road to reach her destination. In an anxious state, she searched for a seat where she could settle down and wait for her turn. It was a maternity clinic.

Few of the couples who were waiting for their turn were giving her a suspicious look, seeing her body language and state of mind.

“Who is Saloni?” The receptionist announced.

Saloni got up from her seat sweating all over her face and rubbing her palms as if somebody was forcibly pushing her to go inside.

“Hello ma’am,” Saloni greeted the gynaecologist.

“Lie down, Saloni. I need to do some checkups.” The gynaecologist instructed her.

 After 10 minutes…..

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“Look Saloni. I’ll prescribe you medicines but you have to come for more visits, at least 3 times. The medicines which I’ve prescribed going to have few changes in your body. Pain, nausea and mood swings will be there. You need to inform any of your family members or close friends who can take good care of you. You’ll not be able to do it alone. You’re just 19. Anyway, I’m writing all the dosage and methods of consuming it.” The gynaecologist guided her.

Saloni was listening to it carefully and nodded her head as if she understood the whole process.

The gynaecologist reverted again taking a deep breath, “I know Saloni, in this age attraction and all happens. You are young and you like to explore things however may end up doing something which is not good for you. Why didn’t you use protection while doing sex? Anyways it’s not all your fault. Lots of schools don’t educate our children on these matters. These days the trends in social media and movies have a great influence on youngsters that ruining their minds. If a girl doesn’t have a boyfriend then she gets judged by her friends. But just one mistake and life take a big U-turn.”

She interrogated, “Do any of your friends know about this?”

Saloni replied in a sluggish tone, “No ma’am.”

The gynaecologist inquired again in a serious tone, “Does he know?”

 Saloni said, “No ma’am.”

After a little silence gynaecologist mumbled, “I’ve written everything on the prescription. Please feel free to call me. After 4 days you need to come again for a checkup.”

She said again in a concerned voice, “Saloni, he doesn’t even bother about you. He didn’t even come here with you. That’s what I’m trying to explain the fact. Just talk to any of your family members and be wise with your choices.”

Saloni got up from the seat and walked quietly but the gynaecologist again stopped her and responded, “Saloni you need to talk to your mother about this. She should know.”

Saloni turned back and replied, “What should I tell to my mom? Should I tell her that my uncle only did this who stays with us in the same house? How do I say this to her or even to anybody? He has given me a permanent scar that can never be erased from my life.”

The gynaecologist got shocked and speechless.

Dear readers,

Do you think Saloni deserves to be silent about whatever has happened with her? Many innocent girls go through with these scars but due to societal pressure and family reputation, they prefer to be silent. But enough is enough. Nobody deserves this unspoken scar.

Thanks for reading,


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