Going From A Curvy Figure To A Mom-Bod, My Journey Taught Me A Lot!

'You have a magical body that's how you delivered a healthy baby. Your curvy figure wasn't your identity, it only showed your efforts!'

‘You have a magical body that’s how you delivered a healthy baby. Your curvy figure wasn’t your identity, it only showed your efforts!’

I lost my sleep at midnight. This dragged me to the drawer where I found an old album of my hostel days, which hadn’t been touched for ages! I got a sudden urge to turn the pages just to dwell on these past recollections.

Va va voom! As I turned the first page, my eyes widened up to the utmost and my mouth curved into an ‘O!’ I rubbed my eyes once again to discern what I just saw. The girl in the picture had a 24-inch waist, the perfect figure and was wearing a bold outfit with stylish goggles on her head and had a strip of hair falling on her cheek. She looked stunning as she stood in the bed of highlands.

‘Who is she!’ For a while, I went back down in my memory lane and was content in seeing myself in the same curvy figure. I left no stone unturned to flaunt tight, body-hugging dresses. As I closed my eyes and flew back in time, I remembered how my friends called me ‘Miss Fitty.’

I loved my curves, until…

My participation in beauty pageants at college and in smaller institutions became a hobby. The trial room sequence of deciding which outfit was perfect was the most confusing one. They all looked so vibrant and well-fitted on me.

I intensely thought of when I was a picky eater who never gulped down her food without counting the calories and stuck only to healthy meals. After all, my love, my first love, was for my curves!

My eyes opened just before my ears heard my baby’s cry. Yeah! That’s me now! A mom to a newborn. I rushed to the room and patted my baby back to his nap. And I stared at my baby for a while and lay down next to him, still deep in thought.

My curvy figure has turned into a vertical line where I don’t count my meal size and gulp down whatever is there on my plate. At the same time, my size has only gained more numbers. I barely set up a clock to get into my joggers and stretch my legs. My tight dressers have been switched for loose t-shirts and capris where I can easily be accessible to feed the baby.

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I realised I am strong and just as blessed!

I was torn between a tug of war between my brain and heart when my heart finally blasted at me. It said, ‘You have a magical body which is why you delivered a healthy baby. And because of your fit body, you could get up the very next day after your natural delivery. Your curvy figure wasn’t your identity, it showed your efforts and dedication. And your little angel isn’t a barrier to your curvy figure, but the process to get him was!’

By now, my brain was also on my heart’s side and said, ‘Wait for the right moment and rejoin the same journey of fitness and beauty. Set up your goals and punch the target to get where you want to be. You will get your curvy figure back. But until then, enjoy your mother figure, which is just as blessed!’

I heaved a sigh of relief and went back to sleep.

Isn’t this the story of all new moms? Let me know how your journey has been in the comments!

Picture credits: Image via SDI Productions on Canva

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