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Motherhood is not an impediment rather the freedom to understand our surplus powers.

Motherhood is not an impediment rather the freedom to understand our surplus powers.

On the eve of Republic Day, I thought to gaze a patriotic film with my children. As I was scrolling down the roster of movies, I halted by a movie of Priyanka Chopra based on the true story of a hero of India ‘ Mary Kom.’

I know, most of you must be wondering that it’s a long back released movie. Yes, somehow, I skipped watching that incredible piece. Anyway, my write-up is not about the movie review but it’s all about a dialogue that inspired me today, the most..

A dialogue by Mary Kom’s coach to her, ” When a woman becomes a mother, she becomes double powerful.” The movie exhibited the two powers of women – ‘power of the body and the will power.’

I stopped there for a while on that statement and random opinions started thumping my head-  “Am I physically strong after multiple stitches of cesarean  and loss of minerals from bones?”

I was a sportsperson in my teen days. A cricketer, a badminton player and an athlete but now my body screams after 10 meters of jogging, forget about Marathon.

My will power to get height also gets a halt by multiple challenges of motherhood. Then, was that statement meant for only Mary Kom and not for each one of us?

I then gave an extra punch to my brain to reckon beyond that and realised that we all have a ‘Mary Kom’ inside us, the only distinction, we don’t acknowledge it in our endeavours.

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Motherhood is not an impediment rather the freedom to understand our surplus powers.

It might sound like a dialogue again but when I rewind little to 2 years ago when I batted on the cricket field ( in a women’s cricket tournament)almost after a rift of 10 years, with knee hinges wrapped on my left knee due to a partial ligament tear occurred during cricket training, family constrained me not to play with the injured leg as I have two children who needed my attention more.

I could have avoided playing but my will power tugged me to play and defeat. I played and my team won. Because my bodily power backed by my mental power. I still remember how I got a standing ovation when I was receiving my trophy and the best part was my children became my biggest fan.

We all can get back the same strength after becoming mother, by a planned exercise, a balanced diet and bunches of self-confidence. We need to nurture ourselves also, along with the family.

Rest about the mental toughness, motherhood enlightens us in its journey. Forbearance, dedication, selfless love and managing the weirdest situation is what we practically learn in motherhood.

Let’s give ourselves the ‘freedom of body and will power.’ It’s just a punch to your dreams and revives the hidden Mary Kom inside us which helps to win our goal.

More power to all of us!

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