It’s Not Her Fault, If She Gives Birth To A Female Child!

The torture which these women and girls are facing is not just physical, it's mental and emotional as well.

The lady whom I had written about in my earlier blog – Did she have a choice, has a younger sister in law who was pregnant with twins.

Guess what? She delivered beautiful twin baby girls last night.

The family should be extremely happy they’re blessed with two healthy baby girls and the mother is doing fine too, though she’s in immense pain due to C-section.

On the contrary, everyone’s faces have fallen, they’re sulking

“Kaash ek beta hota!” (Wish one of the twins was a boy). Even the father of the girls doesn’t look excited, rather he’s still here and his wife and newborns are in the village. He plans to go there after a few days. I don’t think it would be the same if his wife had delivered a boy or rather if both were boys.

I happened to talk to the elder daughter in law, who herself has gone through three C-Sections for the family’s wish to have a male heir, she too didn’t sound excited when she gave me the news. Her words, “Hamare mein beta toh hona hi chahiye.”

Male child is the one who will carry the legacy forward

She said the elders in the family are never okay till a male child is born, he will be the one to carry the legacy forward. Also when parents are ageing, who will take care of them? How can they stay with the daughter, what will people say? What if her in-laws don’t like it?

I was like, “Which world are you living in, grow up, it’s high time your generation starts making the change in this kind of mindset. How can you educated people to talk this kind of stuff!”

I was shocked beyond words listening to what she had to say. I’m appalled to see the condition of these young girls who are still going through this kind of torture. The torture is not just physical, it’s mental and emotional as well.

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Not sure whether it’s entirely the family to blame, as somewhere inside them they too nurture the thought of having a male child, after all, that’s the thought put into their minds since the time they were born, “Beta toh hona hi chahiye!”

It’s not her fault, if at all anyone is to be blamed then it’s the father’s chromosome!

Dear readers,

It’s high time, these kind of outdated thoughts need to change.

Male or female child is determined by the composition of the chromosomes, that too the chromosome given by the father. If he passes on the X chromosome it’s a girl, only if Y chromosome is passed from him it’s a boy. Then why is the lady giving birth blamed, looked down upon, cursed, if she gives birth to a female child?

Image Source: Still from the TV Serial Na Aana is Des Laado


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