Embracing The Imperfectly Perfect ‘ME’

Now that I have negotiated an agreement with this dream, I am sure that this is the last time we meet each other.

“Perseverance, resilience, patience, endurance, forgiveness, compassion, kindness….”, the list of endless, and frankly speaking I’m tired of listening to these words. I’m tired of reading and hearing how to imbibe and practise these qualities for the greater good.

No, I don’t want to be strong, resilient, patient, forgiving anymore! I’ve had my share of being good, it’s high time I want to be myself, live my life on my terms.

Yes, I’m vulnerable, I’m emotional, I’m imperfect and that’s the way I want to be.

I’m done shouldering all the responsibilities all alone, being nice for the heck of it, staying strong though I’m broken inside. But guess what dear 2022 all this isn’t happening anymore.

I’m stepping into this year with a resolution to live my life on my terms. I’m done pleasing and impressing others. Time to please and impress me.

“Wake up Heena… it’s almost 9.30. The first day of the year and you’re still in bed… hope you’re feeling okay,” my worried husband thought it’s better to figure out why am I still fast asleep.

“Oh… I overslept! I’m fine, don’t worry,” I assured him. “What a dream!” I thought to myself, hurriedly tying my hair in a bun I headed straight to the kitchen.

This has been a recurring dream for the last couple of years, especially just around the new year. I’m in full spirit to realise this dream for the first few days of the year, but before I know it, it soon fizzles out in the daily humdrum.

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Then again, if I give it a thought, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if not for the way things were as they were. These challenging situations brought out the best in me. I guess it’s time to stop the self-pity and victoriously celebrate the real ‘ME’.

Now that I have negotiated an agreement with this dream, I am sure that this is the last time we meet each other.

Dear readers,
This article sums up the fact that I’ve made peace with my expectations, I’m going to be just ME.

What about you? Do leave your thoughts in the comments section.
Wish you all a blessed 2022.

Image Source: Paul Macguire from Getty Images Signature, Canva Pro

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