I Think It’s Finally Time To Make Peace With My Annoying Uninvited Guest!

My silver strands...you're such a high maintenance guest. You expect oil massages, healthy food, expensive products! Despite this, you give me headaches! Enough is enough.

“Hey Ma Mataji,” I yelled, exactly like Daya from Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma. I couldn’t fathom the fact that he was here. “So soon! You came so soon?” I questioned this uninvited atithi (guest). “Don’t you know you’re not welcome here…. or rather anywhere!” I continued in a disgruntled tone.

“You’re such a high maintenance guest you know that, draining up my time, energy and resources,” I complained. “Your never-ending demands are driving me crazy…. you expect warm oil massages, high fibre, high protein, high calcium, healthy food! Most expensive, good quality products are a must… despite all this, you still give me terrible headaches!” I decided enough is enough.

You have made my life miserable…you want to tag along with me everywhere I go!

“Once you fully enjoy all this mehman nawaazi and khatirdaari you promise to leave… that too just for a few days, maximum you have gone is just for a fortnight and then you start showing your true colours once again!”

“Aaye toh aaye saath mein auron ko bhi le aaye!” (You brought along so many more). I wouldn’t stop. “First of all, I detest you! And now you have the nerve to bring along many more like you… no way!”

“You have made my life miserable… you want to tag along with me everywhere I go… be it weddings, funerals, PTMs, even to the market! As if this was not enough you want to peep into my video calls too now!” I decided to give an earful today to this uninvited guest.

“Whenever I get an invitation, forget the physical in-person invitations, nowadays even virtual invitations don’t excite me.  Instead of looking forward to it, my first thought is how do I get rid of you, as you’ve almost become a permanent resident in my life!” I sighed.

My silver strands…you popped up in my life at such an early age, completely uninvited!

“During the lockdown, you made yourself completely comfortable here, guess you had the best time of your life… didn’t have to leave even for a fortnight… chilling away for months together. You ruled like a king…teasing me…as if saying, ‘Ab kya karogi tum?’ (What will you do now?) with an evil smirk on your face!” I disgustingly alleged.

With my folded hands I begged you, “Atithi tum kab jaoge?” (dear guest when will you leave?). 

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“My silver strands, you popped up in my life at such an early age, completely uninvited, you shocked me. Initially, I let you stay, eventually, you made it a habit to overstay. As if that was not enough, more of your kinds started showing up soon, making my life awful!” with almost a tear rolling down my cheek, I went on.

“I tried every feasible remedy, all dadima and nanima’s nuskhas (grandmother’s home remedies), every possible jadibooti from various corners of the country, all this to keep you away. Eating, drinking, applying the most disgusting things, just in the hope you would go away some day. All my tapasya (efforts) went in vain… you came back with a vengeance, with an agenda, never to leave, always to stay.”

I feel as if I have almost lost the battle now, it’s time to make peace with this uninvited guest and live life to the fullest!

Image source: Sameera Reddy’s Instagram Account


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