Gossip Mongers And How They Can Ruin Your Life!

It is always good to clarify with the person concerned about the situation rather than jumping to conclusions or passing comments.

A beautiful couple, Neha and Neeraj, completely in love, were happily married for the last three years. During the first wave of Covid 19, by the grace of God, they were blessed with a cute, healthy baby girl, their bundle of joy.

Neeraj was known to be a little temperamental, while Neha was a career-oriented woman. Her in-laws were not really happy about her decision to continue working after having the baby. But Neha was lucky, due to the lockdown she was working from home, it was perfect for her, she could be with the baby and simultaneously continue working.

As per the traditions in India

Neha had gone to her parent’s place, a few hours drive from her in-laws house, for her child’s delivery. Everything was going great, after forty days at her mom’s place she came back to live with her husband and her in-laws.

Neeraj was eagerly waiting and was very happy to see his baby girl, as due to covid restrictions he had seen her just once at birth. Neha too was happy to be back with her husband.

Table turns when neha had to go back to her parent’s house along with her daughter

There was a turn of events, One month, two, three, four months, she was still living with her parents

In no time all the relatives started making assumptions and tongues started wagging, “Maybe she has left Neeraj,” “No maybe Neeraj left her.” “He must be having an affair!” said another.

“I think her in-laws must have behaved strange on the birth of a girl,” assumed one aunt.

“No, I think they never got along, as she wanted to pursue her career,” yet another assumption was made.

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“Four months, that’s too much! My daughter was back to her in-laws place soon after her delivery, who keeps a child away from her father for so many months,” the allegations didn’t stop.

“Mera bhatija bechara! Raat ko kya karega?”(My poor nephew, how will he spend his nights!), an over concerned bua worried about her nephew’s sex life.

“They’re so young, they should reconcile, aisa kon karta hai? (Who behaves in this manner?),” neighbors too joined the bandwagon.

Everyone was simply too curious, ‘Akhir chal kya raha hai in dono ke beech mein?’ (After all what is going on between these two?)

In the meanwhile, no one bothered to figure out the reason from the horse’s mouth, as they were too scared of Neeraj’s temper. In-laws too were asked to keep mum about the whole issue.

Finally, after four and a half months of staying apart, Neeraj, Neha and their baby were back with each other again.

They had bought a new house close to Neha’s parents’ place, the house was undergoing renovations. Someone had to be there to monitor the work and whenever the interior designer needed them to go to the stores and select the accessories and fittings. The interior designer said it would take two months to finish all the work, but again due to lockdown it was difficult to get the required material and the whole work stretched on beyond four months.

Neeraj couldn’t travel all the way, it was easier for Neha to stay at her parent’s house while managing the renovations. The workers were given the keys to the new house, they stayed there itself and finished all the furnishings etc.

Neeraj had no intention to reveal to the relatives the fact that he has bought a new house until they moved in. He wasn’t interested in any advice from his nosy relatives. They both knew about the gossip that was doing rounds, they would laugh about it on their daily phone calls.

And then the final laugh

Once they moved in all the relatives were informed about the new house. This is when the reality dawned on all those inquisitive aunts and curious neighbors and every other gossipmonger who had come up with umpteen theories of why Neha and Neeraj were living apart. All of them were left completely embarrassed after knowing the truth, while Neha and Neeraj had a big laugh

Dear readers,

This is a true story of a close friend of mine. We often laugh out loud while discussing what kind of ideas everyone came up with about them staying away from each other.

At times the damage caused can do a lot of harm maybe both emotionally and mentally. It will save a lot of trouble to both the parties involved.

What are your thoughts, do let me know in the comments section.

Image Source: Still from Dum Laga ke Haisha


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