Suchi Gaur

A Development Communication & Social Work professional working in the field of gender, health and technology for grassroots. A Doctorate in participatory communication for development. A Feminist to a Human Right Activist, stressing on convergence & participation in bringing change in behaviour, especially with respect to attitude towards Women in the society.

Voice of Suchi Gaur

The Global Work Culture Requires An Impossible Balancing Act Of Working Mothers, But We Can Do Something About It

Job systems, created by men for men, need a complete revamping of the global work culture if working mothers are to have any kind of work life balance.

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Pakistani Actress Uroosa Siddiqui Speaks Out About Television And Film Roles For Women

An interview with Uroosa Siddiqui, a versatile television and film actress from Pakistan.

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Why More Men Need To Be A Part Of Feminism!

In this post the writer reflects on why so less men participate in the feminist movement and why more men need to be a part of feminism.

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fake feminism myths
Why I left my (Not-So) Feminist Boyfriend: How Adding Prefixes Is Killing The Cause

No one if a 'perfect' feminist. Our awareness or practice of feminism may be imperfect. That doesn't mean the ideals don't matter.

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A Few Torn Pages From My Street Harassment Diary

Street harassment in India is so common that all of us have experienced it in some form or the other; yet, why are we told not to make a fuss?

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Hey Girl, Undefined [Poem]

What we see is often far away from the truth. Here's a poem in search of stories that we try to hide in broad daylight.

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#WorldToiletDay: Don’t Just Build Toilets, Get People To Use Them

On #WorldToiletDay, Suchi Gaur reflects on moving beyond hashtag activism to changing community attitudes to toilet usage in India.

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A New Website For Patriarchy? No, Thanks!

The marriage market seems to be doing no favours to women. Latest in its offerings is a regressive, male chauvinist website. Here's a brilliant response to it!

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Barefoot Women: My Search For Positive Stories Of Change

Don't despair! Here is a ray of hope - positive stories from the Barefoot College - an NGO that works for the empowerment of rural women and communities.

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How Creches At Indian Offices Can Empower More Women To Work

Women can't have it all precisely because they are responsible for too many things! Would creches at Indian offices help to level the playing field for women?

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How My School Taught Me To Be A Girl

Gender stereotypes that go on to define individuals start right in school, and must be questioned, says this deeply thoughtful post.

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Chhavi Rajawat: The Telecom Professional Who Turned Sarpanch

MBA graduate turned Sarpanch, Chhavi Rajawat has been working towards transforming her impoverished ancestral village in the desert state of Rajasthan to meet the 21st Century.

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Why working women in India need mentors
Fighting Female Foeticide: Stories From A Typical Day At Work

The story below is a real life experience of the author during a session on female foeticide in a village in Haryana. It brings forth the strong preference for sons in rural India.

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10 ways to do better at field work
The Researcher’s Guide: 10 Ways To Do Better At Field Work

For a researcher in the public, private or social sector, these 10 ways to do better at field work can make a big difference to the quality of your insights.

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Durga Bai Gond Artist
Durga Bai: Telling Women’s Stories With Gond Art

Carrying the Gond art tradition forward, Durga Bai is an example of how passion can break barriers and overcome challenges.

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Unpaid Care Work : Are Women Getting A Raw Deal?

If you spend time cleaning, cooking, washing, and taking care of your family, do you deserve recognition? Suchi Gaur decodes why women believe their role as care-givers is pre-destined, and why this must stop.

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Need To Pee? Find A Toilet!

For many men, peeing in public spaces is a harmless, casual act. Suchi Gaur explains why it amounts to bigger issues of sanitation, exhibitionism, and sexual harassment.

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Women in community radio in India
How Community Radio Is Giving Rural Women The Voice They Never Had

Women's access to and participation in media has always remained a big question. Community radio is empowering rural women, as broadcasters and as listeners.

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Living in a men's world
The Cycle: The Break [Poem]

Am I a hero or a victim, struggling to fight in a men's world that gives women few rights over their own lives?

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Breaking the culture of silence in India
These Women’s Stories Show We Need To Break The Culture of Silence in India!

The heart-breaking, yet common stories of three women in rural India: We need break this culture of silence in India about women's health, autonomy and bodies

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Home science stereotypes
Of Homely Girls & Other Home Science Stereotypes

Home Science is for Homely girls? Suchi breaks your stereotypes on what a Home Science Student/Professional does.

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How Society Convinces Victims Of Sexual Assault To Stay Quiet

Before the FIRs and investigations, comes a rape victim's ability to speak up and complain. But as a society, do we enable victims of sexual assault to speak up?

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PMS In Boys And Why It’s Not Funny!

How is it that men know so little about menstruation but so much about PMS?!

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Band, Baaja & Baraat: Let’s do a Cliche Wedding!

Why do Indian weddings become a day for everyone and everything else except bride and groom?

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Lose Your Roots Or Loose Roots

In our quest for modernity and progress, do we lose our roots? Or our roots strong enough to sustain change?

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Looking Within: Do We Support Other Women?

In which Suchi Gaur argues for a broader feminism where women look within and see whether they are supporting other women positively.

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Violence against women India
An Obituary Of The Nation: By Cropped Roots, Chopped Wings And Silenced Voices

This is the obituary of a hollow nation where crime against women flourishes, which thinks 'women's issues' are not urgent.

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Contraception access in India
Women, Contraception & Issues of Access-Usage-Rights

The issues women face w.r.t contraception go beyond "family planning" - at heart are questions of access to options and rights over one's body.

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Women, travel and safety
Women, Travel & Safety: A Personal Account

Women, travel and safety in India: What progress have we made in enabling women to experience India freely and safely?

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Women's bodies: Seeking perfection
Beauty, Botox and Breasts: Who Defines Perfection?

Women's unending quest for a perfect body is being shaped by media, marketing and the movies. What are we losing in the process?

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The ‘Know It All’ Vs. The ‘Mentally Virgin’

A woman who knows it all - who can speak for herself, is still seen as a threat by many men, who prefer 'mental virgins'.

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Aditi Gupta Menstrupedia
Aditi Gupta: Breaking Menstrual Myths

A small but definitive step, Aditi Gupta founded Menstrupedia to break the taboo associated with menstruation in India, shattering the myths and misunderstandings.

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Are you married
Are You Married?

"Are you married" is the question every single Indian woman needs to be prepared for. How do you react?

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The ‘Bai’ Phobia

House maids or helpers are the lifeline of Indian households but how are they treated?

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Of Palaces, Mythologies and Images Women carry

Are our religions' views on women responsible for the poor status of women around the world today?

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Indian men and marriage
Marriage & What Men Want

What Indian men want from marriage is increasingly an involved, empowered partner, but this conflicts with what they have been brought up to be.

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