Hey Girl, Undefined [Poem]

What we see is often far away from the truth. Here's a poem in search of stories that we try to hide in broad daylight.

What we see is often far away from the truth. Here’s a poem in search of stories that we try to hide in broad daylight.
Hey girl,
What seems the case with your eyes
Is that black, the colour of your unwiped kohl
Or a hangover from last night?
It could be a colour of your unspoken pain,
Or that of your sun-beaten skin,
So undefined it seems to me
So visible, yet blind
Hey girl,
Did they hit you again?
Or the lingering thoughts
Of the past
Haven’t yet left your mind?
It could be the colour of the night sky,
Trapped in your dreaming eyes.
Or the colour of sleeplessness itself,
Of the overworked kind.
Hey girl
Are you crying again these times?
Or didn’t you stop at all from that one day?
Screaming memories of the past,
Ghosts of the future undefined.
It could be the pain that numbed you
Or the emptiness that defines you at times
Hollow, do you feel yet again?
Or does it burst your mind
Hey girl,
I look at you
And look at my mind
For we all are one, yet so apart
A million similar stories of women personified
It could be that I am making it all up
Or reading beyond those paper-ish visible lines
Of scribbles, Of expressions,
Of those snubbed truths around,
This careless world living beside…
Hey girl
What seems the case with your eyes?
Is that black colour a depth of the universe
Or that black hole of the ache that screams to nothingness?
Of the you, the me, combined…
Pic credit: Image of a sad woman via Shutterstock.


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