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Radhika SK

Voice of Radhika SK

Let Me Introduce You Here To The Pretentious Indian Woman

I respect each woman making a choice to observe this, and I wish them a successful married life. What I am against is, being penalized and sidelined for my own choices.

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Kitty Party Culture In Some Indian Startups Needs To Stop

We often get so lost in blaming men at workplace that we don't realise women we work with could make it difficult for other women to grow.

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Ladies, Give Yourself Some Room To Be Proud Of Your Achievements!

Women have always been known to give their all for their profession, household and family. Leaving no room for themselves.

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I Learnt That The Key To Forgiveness Is To Do It For My Own Good!

Forgiveness is an act that saves you from feelings of hurt and anger. It liberates you from the control of that situation. 

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Listen Up, I Am Worth More Than My Cooking Skills!

My worth is more than my cooking skills. It is high time that society starts seeing me as a person with many other talents. 

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Our ‘Protectors’ Aren’t Always Male; Let’s Not Diss The Sisterhoods That Hold Us Up

Some of the best people who have stood by me and seen me through tough times have been some close female relationships that I have found in my life.

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What Is The Worth Of A Daughter? Of A Daughter-In-Law?

As a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law, what is my value? Why are women always forced to do this soul searching?

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