Humanity Is Long Gone

Human race has evolved for the better but we have somewhere lost the innocence we had, the need to reach out to someone we didn't know.

Coming back from an appointment, my husband and I were discussing the change in the warmth of people. As we were passing by the crowded streets of Bopal, Ahmedabad, I told my husband that we don’t have PCO and STD booths anymore, seems like times have evolved. This comment then opened up a box full of memories we both had of our lovely neighbours while growing up in the 80s and 90s in Kolkata.

Our Neighbours Were Like Our Relatives

We recalled how it used to be so easy to connect with anyone in the building, there was freedom and friendliness. I recalled my days in this humble stand-alone building I spent 10 years in, our neighbours were as good as close relatives. We would share our resources, share our appliances, have joint meals and just walk into each other’s flats and relax. Hardly any “ye tera hai ye mera hai attitude.”

The same way my husband was talking about his neighbours he grew up with, the comfort of relying on a family to help your own in times of need. Even celebrating the smallest of occasions, sharing recipes and so much. A very amicable environment.

No Human Touch

Fast forward to the times we are currently living in. We have so much advancement, so much modernity but there are zero human touches. We live in organised complexes with hundreds of families and hardly know a few. Everyone is so engrossed in their smartphones that no one even stops to say hello to their neighbour. We don’t know our neighbours and they don’t know us.

In today’s time and age when everyone has everything almost, it’s hard to imagine we once grew up in an era of borrowing things from others and lending as well. Probably human race has evolved for the better but we have somewhere lost the innocence we had, the need to reach out to someone we don’t know just to say that there is help if they ever need it. The genuine need to acknowledge someone even if your lives are different.

I guess we adults who grew up well before the 2000 millennium hit, miss the community we once knew. I hope we get that back one day.

Image Credits: Pixabey on Pexels

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