Nostalgia Hits Hard When You Recall Memories

When you recall a memory, it's challenging to not feel nostalgic or not wishing to return to that blissful time.

Do you ever get a feeling of missing a place you once lived in, you try to close your eyes and feel how you felt there, try and remember the sounds that you got accustomed to?

I often do that, am just sitting on a typical Monday afternoon going about the motions of the day, and I stop to recall how a Monday was in a place I recently left.

I swipe through my phone gallery hoping to come across some photos of that I would often take of my day, my tea mug, the novel I am reading, and my sneakers against the flowerbeds on the ground floor where I would walk.

Life is full of changes

A feeling of warmth rushes in as I see these photographs. Just takes me back to that moment. We get so caught up in instant life changes that we don’t stop to say goodbye at all. It’s always the next thing, then the next thing.

I recently shifted back from Ahmedabad to my hometown and it was so fast and so chaotic, too, that I didn’t stop to just say bye.

I understand you can’t say anything to any city, but there is a version of you that stays back there. For me, the two years spent there were almost like a rollercoaster, with so many ups and so many downs.

I remember getting on a flight and going off to live in a different city as a very different person, and I came back as a different person.

There is so much to learn from new experiences

There is so much you learn, I learnt immense personal skills at home, and there were so many new responsibilities I experienced, I started to enjoy my own company and that made it more wholesome to spend time with my husband, I found myself.

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I always thought that whenever I move away, I might go live in a very fast-paced and progressive city that has immense opportunities.

I didn’t expect to truly love my time in Ahmedabad, I feel like I grew up there in a different sense. Some tough chapters and some nice and good chapters.

It’s important to reflect and take a pause

And oh the laughter, I still roll on the floor laughing at our first Diwali Puja at home, I attempted to do the aarti and read the puja mantra all wrong.

Just so many good things, how you become so invested in a place because you subconsciously invest a part of yourself.

I feel that it was a good way to not get time to process the shift because I feel I have not left, I have all the lessons and good memories in me and that’s a permanent keepsake.

Image source: Rahul Pandit, via pexels, free and edited on CanvaPro

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