Monday Morning Blues Or Thank God It’s Friday – Do Specific Days Set Our Moods For Our Daily Routine?

We have all heard about Monday morning blues or Friday happiness. Do specific days affect our mood patterns? Here's a take.

We have all heard about Monday morning blues or Friday happiness. Do specific days affect our mood patterns? Here’s a take.

“Khoon choosne aaya, khoon choosne, khooni Monday –kyun aaya khoon choosne?” a track from a Hindi film questions and describes the emotion of why many detest Monday mornings. It is essentially the beginning of the week and the weekend that gets a lot of associative thoughts. Right across age-groups from students to working professionals, many feel Mondays and the dual-days weekend have a lot of significance in their lives.

There are tees dedicated to the most hated day of the week and worn by many. ‘Pretend it’s not a Monday’, ‘Upgrade your weekend-take this Monday off’. Monday blues hit several people who believe that it does exist.

Of course there are more positive one-liners reserved for the weekends with even restaurants having titles like Thank God It’s Friday or parties inviting young at heart ‘Welcome to the Saturday Night Fever’ and so on.

But do people really feel anxious on Monday mornings and more relaxed on Friday evening onwards?

“Monday mornings or even any weekday are chaotic, stressful and involve a lot of multi-tasking. Either I am hurriedly preparing breakfast or trying to finish my chores against a deadline. It is stressful. That’s the reason, I absolutely love Friday mornings. It is the thought that next two days I really need not fret about morning chores like a clock makes me feel good.” says Veena P, a mother of a pre-schooler.

If one analyse, we do find that it is the holiday depending on the profession or role that we are in like a student or homemaker, that makes us cherish the day. Sunday has become the rest day following the global pattern that is followed in several countries.

Again though work-at-home and several other flexible working patterns exist, one does feel Sunday is more treasured as it becomes the day to finish chores. Many working professionals get to wrap up unfinished chores at home only on Sundays. So it is a day with a lot of importance.

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A good number of business corporations following the IT industries began with the five-day week culture and this became more pronounced with media awareness. More so even Friday dressing as a concept got introduced a few years ago to make employees more relaxed and look forward to the day. This was also the idea to make people feel good and go home with a smile and come back to greet the long week with a much longer positive attitude.

Of late one finds that malls, pubs and supermarkets want to make even mid-week interesting with ‘wow Wednesday evenings for women or super value Wednesday bazaars to name some.

Even entertainment and leisure activities are made more colorful for weekends than on weekdays.

Even entertainment and leisure activities are made more colorful for weekends than on weekdays. Several restaurants have not only varying prices but also enhanced menus for the Saturday and the Sunday foodies.

RJ Shraddha, from Fever 104 says, “I long for the Monday morning as I have so much to talk which I wouldn’t have done on the previous day.  I have been in the IT industry before making the switch to my current profession of being a radio jockey. I exactly know how people feel over there during mid-week and how people long for the much coveted weekend. Today I love each day though I have to say that the mood of the listeners vary with each day. One has to also take into account that there are many who wouldn’t have slept over the so-called weekend and love the Monday sleep.”

Many would agree that it is often only during an ideal vacation that we do not really feel the grind where even the beginning of the week seems lovely and energetic. Hopefully, there would be Mondays in our lives which will be refreshing and gets rid of all negative tags. And yes we like to admit or not, weekdays and weekends do have some effect on our moods and our attitude for the day. That’s my opinion. What’s yours? Do share it.

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