Reshma Krishnamurthy Sharma

I am an independent writer, storyteller, blogger and a mum residing in Bangalore, India. Earlier professional roles have been radio jockey, PR manager, communications manager in a hospital and content writer. Presently I have been involved in the role of being the founder, content curator and editor of a website called which features real stories on mums. Do find us on facebook too at

Voice of Reshma Krishnamurthy Sharma

How Anupama Hoskere Of Dhaatu Made Storytelling With Puppets Cool

Anupama Hoskere has perfected the art of storytelling using puppets at Dhaatu, where she also organizes classes for those who want to learn this ancient art.

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Urmila Chanam, The Woman Who Is Changing The Way Women Think And Talk Of Menstruation

Urmila Chanam put behind a life of domestic abuse and came up with a campaign to break the silence around menstruation, taking it even outside India.

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Soniya Choudhury Faces Life With Grit And Looks Forward With Hope Despite An Acid Attack That Disfigured Her

An acid attack in May 2004 left her life and body in shambles, but Soniya Choudhury has risen above it. This is her story.

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How Shamantha D.S. Went From Page 3 Reporter To Running A Rural Radio Station

A dream by a media professional Shamantha D.S., to begin a community radio station, has ensured it has impacted far many more lives than she ever imagined she could.

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Meet Prema Ramappa Nadabatti, Bangalore’s Only Woman Bus Driver

Meet the only woman bus driver in Bangalore - Prema Ramappa Nadabatti, who works for the BMTC, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

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Here’s How Transgender Shanthi Sonu Turned Her Life Around When She Became A Radio Jockey

Transgender Radio Jockey Shanthi Sonu has suffered stigma in the past as a transgender first, and as a sex worker later. Now, she holds her head up high in a career that gives her happiness.

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Fashion Tips For To-Be-Moms

Here are a few fashion tips for to-be-moms. Hope these tips help to-be-moms, feel better about this phase of life.

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Monday Morning Blues Or Thank God It’s Friday – Do Specific Days Set Our Moods For Our Daily Routine?

We have all heard about Monday morning blues or Friday happiness. Do specific days affect our mood patterns? Here's a take.

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Are Children Today Jack & Jill Of All Trades And Master Of Them Too?

Should children pursue multiple hobbies or stick to one they like? How much extra curricular activity is too much or too little?

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My Precious Gift [Short Story]

A story about a boy who is eagerly waiting for a very special gift.

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Looking For A Part-Time Job? Here’s What Works And What Doesn’t

Wondering how to get a part-time job? Look into these 7 check points before deciding on a role that you'd like to explore.

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2 Easy And Nutritious Recipes To Jazz Up Every Dinner Menu

Whether you are having guests over or eating with the family, these 2 easy and nutritious recipes will add nutrition and taste to your dinner menu. Make them today!

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