Fashion Tips For To-Be-Moms

Here are a few fashion tips for to-be-moms. Hope these tips help to-be-moms, feel better about this phase of life.

Here are a few fashion tips for to-be-moms. Hope these tips help to-be-moms, feel better about this phase of life.

Maternity world has got fashionable since the last decade and today to-be-moms have a range of clothes to suit their body and style. With specific maternity clothes that have opened up to clothes getting readily available through online stores, dressing up during the nine months is not a complicated task.

A word of caution. Unless you  have no issues to splurge during this phase, it is not required to invest in too many sets of expensive clothing that might be of usage until a few months.

Again you need to remember that if you buy too short tops or attire that cannot be easily lowered down with short necks you will have a problem when you want to breastfeed the baby later. Buy clothes that you are comfortable during your pregnancy. Buy as the phase progresses as you would be aware of your body size growth rather than buying all at once.

From western tops teamed with long flowing skirts to lengthy t-shirts to leggings that you are comfortable, there is an array of clothing options for all the moms-to-be. Even today majority of Indian women who are pregnant dress  in loose fitting salwar kameez or saris.

Earlier women would be shy of the baby bump, especially when they are there in their third trimester. Today thanks to iconic influences of celebrities who love to pose for shutterbugs in different attires that projects their baby bump; maternity fashion has undergone a transformation from mere clothing.

It’s a statement which most women during pregnancy want to feel good about.

There are certain tips that you need to remember when you decide on the clothing in your wardrobe during pregnancy.

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  • Do not buy in an impulse. Buy three to four sets of clothing which you feel would suit you if you are out for the hospital appointment (an outing that you will have to do frequently), or something that can look good for an evening or day time friends meet.
  • If you will be continuing work throughout your pregnancy then try to get few clothes that are larger in size from friends as an option. Also do a mix and match with long skirts and well fitted tops that can be covered with a stole or an L size jacket. Indian women can wear fusion wear from maternity clothing stores that sell such loose flowing tops with front buttons ( Remember this would be of use even when you want to breastfeed later post childbirth).
  • Saris unless draped well can look little tacky and unless you are comfortable do not wear in your last trimester where you might find it a little cumbersome. However, if you can manage the sari then it shouldn’t be a hindrance.
  • There are maternity jeans too available that do stretch along the waistline and this can be of immense use as your bump grows. Do not buy too many clothes in the last trimester. It is ideal to give a realistic time for yourself like a year and half and try to lose as much weight as possible.

Do remember bodies of women do change during pregnancy and childbirth. Except for a few models and those who are adamant and busy getting back to shape immediately after childbirth, it is ideal to give oneself sometime, enjoy the chubby phase too and try to get back to a reasonable body shape and weight.

And do get back to normal clothes after about eight months to a year post pregnancy so that you know where exactly you need to shed weight.

Happy dressing up during those nine months.

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