Looking For A Part-Time Job? Here’s What Works And What Doesn’t

Wondering how to get a part-time job? Look into these 7 check points before deciding on a role that you'd like to explore.

Wondering how to get a part-time job or curious about how part-time employment can impact your career? Look into these 7 check points before deciding on a role that you’d like to explore.

You might have left your full-time career for a new phase in life, maybe for marriage or for motherhood. Or you may be someone who has never worked outside home and now you want to get back to being a working woman. It’s the 21st century and there are lot of options for women to be in the working world.

However, if you are skeptical about part-time options, here’s an insight into what works in part time and what doesn’t, based on my personal perspective, as I have worked over a decade in various part-time work options.

While these are stepping stones in one’s career, there are certain important reminders before you take the plunge again.

1. Number of hours a week

Whether it is a work-from-home option or working hours assigned at a dedicated work place other than your home, be clear on the number of hours you can put in at work. Do remember that if it is a work-from-home option, you need to be away from any kind of distraction even for a few hours. And if you intend to travel to a workplace, do not forget that your commuting time that will need to be taken into account before confirming your employment at the designated office.

2. Dip in income

If you are someone who has managed to constantly do something like volunteering for an organisation, writing or pursuing a hobby that has helped you in establishing an income, then you can still negotiate on your remuneration. Most corporate set-ups see part time employees as people who can be coaxed to take a decline in the income. So be prepared for the decline, yet do not underestimate your value to the extent that you do not enjoy what you do at work and if you feel the pay is far too low. Be clear even on the part-time work remuneration, on the exact CTC and take home salary.

Most corporate set-ups see part-time employees as people who can be coaxed to take a decline in the income. So be prepared for the decline, yet do not underestimate your value to the extent that you do not enjoy what you do at work and feel the pay is far too low.

3. Grab every lucrative opportunity

While you may have been a HR professional or a professor, when there is an opportunity of another stream to do part-time work like teaching or event management or anything else that can offer you another perspective, do not let go of the opportunity. It may lead to something else that you love and enjoy. Remember, every work experience counts when you are building your career graph.

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4. Learn to maintain balance between work and personal life

Do not be misled when you think that part-time work options are stress-free. Yes they can be stressful too. In case you are unable to meet deadlines or are pressured to achieve higher targets in work, it can lead to a huge bubble of stress. This can affect your personal life or you may be tempted to put in more number of hours at the same pay scale and compromise on family time. It is better to be a smart professional right from the beginning where you put in a practice of clocking fixed number of hours. Also, be clear to your manager or employer on what can be achieved in the fixed number of working hours.

5. Look for the right part-time opportunities

While it is difficult to scout for the perfect flexible work option, it is not impossible. Do not go in for a work option where you know you will be unable to enjoy the work or you know this is just not meant for you.

6. What if you wanted to consider full-time work in the future?

When one is ready to fly away from the cocoon of part time work option and ready to move into a full time role, there is a sense of scepticism among most employers. Though the ratio is reducing and it may not be far too long before you are back on a full-time role, you need to be patient when employers or HR managers do not want to recruit a past part-time work employee.

Remember it may not be the perfect work place for you, but be patient and reassure yourself that you can find yourself in a place where you are valued for who you are.

7. Part-time work options can lead to entrepreneurship

When you are more satisfied in your work and content with the pay scale and still have enough time to spend with your family, you are more likely to think of ideas that can enable you to become an entrepreneur. Perhaps the work that you are doing can guide you or you might be able to stumble upon something and work on it to become an entrepreneur while continuing your existing part-time work.

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