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Paanta Bhat
How Masterchef Finalist Kishwar Chowdhury’s Panta Bhaat Exposed My Late Mother’s Shameful Secret

When Kishwar Chowdhury made panta bhaat as haute cuisine at Masterchef this year, she exposed that tiny, slightly shameful secret of my mother's, fermented leftover rice that no one else would touch, and my heart broke slightly.

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My Grandparents Survived The Partition, And When I Dug Into Family Memories Of That Time…

As a 3rd generation Partition survivor, I've heard of how my grandmothers and other women of the family carried poison to end their lives in case of 'anything awful' happening while fleeing their homes.

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My Ancestors Lived The Lives Shown In Enjoy Enjaami, Getting Us Where We Are Now
Enjoy Enjaami

Enjoy Enjaami brought up personal memories of Oppari and other songs, their lyrics were always about the labour of the person, how they toiled to live a dignified life and celebrating their identities.

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The Loneliness Of Being A Woman

Something borrowed; not just clothes and homes and heirlooms that pass down the generations, but also memories etched into our DNA and the loneliness of being a woman.

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In The Horror Thriller Nirvana Inn Phantoms From A Guilty Past Invade The Present
Nirvana Inn

Nirvana Inn is skillfully scripted psychological thriller having horror elements, with subplots that contribute immensely to the central theme.

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I Can’t Walk In High Heels But My FIL Still Pampered Me With A 4-Inch Pair As I Felt Beautiful In Them!
high heels

My only pair of high heels make my feet hurt and I rarely wear them. But I love them simply because my father-in-law pampered me with them!

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