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“If Only…” Could These Be The Most Heartbreaking Words Ever?!

She had always felt that Subu beat her in this game only so that he could extend his hand and knowingly pull her closer to his body while helping her board the train. Perhaps, it was the very reason why Suyashi never really cared if she lost the race every single time.

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When My Childhood Memories Of Grandparents Are The Stuff Of Happy Dreams

The moment they get down, the girl goes running towards the old man. He reciprocates her enthusiasm by lifting her up in the air. In no time she is atop her grandpa's shoulder.

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3 Women (Other Than My Mom) Who Loved Me Unconditionally And Have Defined Who I Am Today

Three women who loved me, and showed their love openly, whom I lost too early. They've left behind only memories, which I must put down.

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How Masterchef Finalist Kishwar Chowdhury’s Panta Bhaat Exposed My Late Mother’s Shameful Secret
Paanta Bhat

When Kishwar Chowdhury made panta bhaat as haute cuisine at Masterchef this year, she exposed that tiny, slightly shameful secret of my mother's, fermented leftover rice that no one else would touch, and my heart broke slightly.

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My Grandparents Survived The Partition, And When I Dug Into Family Memories Of That Time…

As a 3rd generation Partition survivor, I've heard of how my grandmothers and other women of the family carried poison to end their lives in case of 'anything awful' happening while fleeing their homes.

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My Ancestors Lived The Lives Shown In Enjoy Enjaami, Getting Us Where We Are Now
Enjoy Enjaami

Enjoy Enjaami brought up personal memories of Oppari and other songs, their lyrics were always about the labour of the person, how they toiled to live a dignified life and celebrating their identities.

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