These ‘Vagina Jokes’ Forwards On WhatsApp Aren’t Funny; At Least Get Your Info Right!

People making and forwarding vagina jokes not only mark themselves out as sexist and misogynist, but also display their ignorance of facts!

People making and forwarding vagina jokes not only mark themselves out as sexist and misogynist, but also display their ignorance of facts!

There are a lot of jokes on social media about periods, broken hymen, and especially about the size of the vagina. It has become a way of insulting women by men who may have some grudges against them, or they may think that women are just a sex object. Even some male ‘comedians’ joke about periods and vagina openly without hiding themselves behind anonymous profiles because every one finds it very cool.

Some of the creepiest vagina jokes I have found

~ Person: “Your vagina is a very big house!” Echo: “Your vagina is a very big house!”. Person:… I only said it once.

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~ Your vagina is so big that your fat mamma could fit in.

~ Your vagina is so big that shaving it is technically ‘deforestation’.

~ Your vagina is so big, guys have to put on a helmet and a parachute to find your g-spot.

~ What is the useless skin around the vagina called? The Woman.

And there are many more! I don’t understand it: how is it funny to insult someone’s body part?

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Those people who are making jokes about the vagina and those who find these jokes funny would not have an existence to begin with if there were no vagina. Vagina is not just any other body part, it is the point of creation. It’s everyone’s origin.

Obsession with size of the vagina

Furthermore, so much buzz in these jokes about vaginal size (the favourite topic of some men to insult women) made me curious to find out what actually happens inside a women’s body.

So I have gathered information about the size of the vagina (that I would like to share) from many relevant and well-known sources, like the Women’sHealth magazine, published by Hearst (American mass media and business information conglomerate based in New York City), a magazine focusing on health, nutrition, fitness and sex and lifestyle, for example.

What do they say?

The vagina is basically a muscular rubber band that that stretches during sex and returns to its original shape and size. There is a band of tissue called the hymen which will break or tear, which can sometimes lead to mild bleeding. This can happen during sex, or even earlier while exercising or using a tampon. The vaginal wall may also stretch during sex, but it generally bounces back into shape after you’re done. It’s pretty impossible for sex alone to permanently stretch out the vagina.

The vagina also stretches during birth in order to be able to let the baby pass through the birth canal. One study found that the pelvic floor muscles involved during birth can stretch by over three times their normal amount. However, a woman’s vagina is designed to stretch and accommodate a baby, and after delivery, the tissue will usually shrink back down to is a pre-pregnancy state. Most changes in the appearance of vaginal opening that can occur after pregnancy are only temporary.

At least get it right!

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