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When I Was Accosted By A Man In The Bus, But Also Treated With Respect By Another

A man's behaviour can make you hate all men, but at the same time, another man can also make you feel safe to be around him. 

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You Are Beautiful!

How can a coconut change the colour of a baby inside the mother's womb? My Mama and Nani have dark skin and they are still so biased about the skin colour.

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vagina jokes
These ‘Vagina Jokes’ Forwards On WhatsApp Aren’t Funny; At Least Get Your Info Right!

People making and forwarding vagina jokes not only mark themselves out as sexist and misogynist, but also display their ignorance of facts!

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We Know Bapu But Do We Know Who Is Ba?

On the 75th death anniversary of Kasturba Gandhi, we celebrate her essence. Known as "Ba", she proved to be her own woman and not just Gandhi Ji's wife.

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My Weight Loss Journey

The author shares her weight loss journey and emphasizes that if one is determined nothing is impossible.

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A Story Of Revenge That Could Happen To Any Teenager – Scary!

Thwarted by a classmate who he was friends with as a child, a teen boy spreads rumours about her, and everyone believes him, labelling the girl a slut... this could happen to anyone!

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Why Treat Women As Sex Objects?

Women are treated as sex-objects and mistreated by men just because they belong to a different community. The author condemns such regressive men.

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A New Year Resolution To Raise Empowered Daughters Who Value Themselves

Many women in our society are conditioned to think of themselves as worthless, as valuable only if a man finds them so. This needs to change. 

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