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Why Treat Women As Sex Objects?

Women are treated as sex-objects and mistreated by men just because they belong to a different community. The author condemns such regressive men.

Women are treated as sex-objects and mistreated by men just because they belong to a different community. The author condemns such regressive men.

I was having dinner with my friends in a party when I heard a boy telling his group of friends, “I don’t love her obviously, how can I love a girl from another community? ( I m purposely not mentioning the communities), I am just having fun, I  will leave her once I get bored of her”.

I felt so disgusted after listening to this.

Why people consider women as sex objects and to feel good about themselves they talk about communities ( sorry but that makes someone even more disgusting).

I want to question every man out there who think like this. What if someone want to have fun with a girl from a certain community? What if someone thinks that girls from that community are only for fun and not for love? What if that girl is someone from your family? What if she is your sister?

And I know you have an answer, i.e. your sister or someone from your family or community is not like her. Right? In what ways the girl you are fooling different from your sister (except the community)?

You are faking love and playing with her true emotions to have some fun and you know that how innocent ( oh sorry ” dumb and idiot” ) she is to believe you. What if someone tells your sister that he loves her and makes her feel special and loved just to have fun ? What if she believes him like your girlfriend believes you. And what if he turns out be smart like you and uses innocent ( again sorry “stupid”) girls as objects just because they belong to another community?

We all know about the famous movie  “Ishaqzaade”. It was about inter religion love and in the end lovers win against the society’s conservative thoughts by ending their lives themselves. But, do we remember when Parma was not in love with Zoya and manipulated her to take revenge? The movie shows the harsh reality of some people’s cheap mentality who do not think beyond caste and religion and think that it is ok to consider woman as sex object and use her.

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We remember all the love stories that fight against all the odds but nobody talks about those innocent broken hearts whose only mistake was that they belonged to a different community. I request  everyone to ask themselves  these questions and understand that respecting women is not limited to your house or community. A real men would respect every women.

Image Source: Still from the movie Ishaqzaade

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