These 5 Inspiring Women Aren’t Afraid To Follow Their Passions And Create Their Own Legacies

Find your quota of inspiration from these multi-talented women today who don’t shy away from chasing their professional AND creative ambitions!

Find your quota of inspiration from these multi-talented women today who don’t shy away from chasing their professional AND creative ambitions!

As Indian women, most of us have grown up hearing this one word being chanted by others around us: ‘Adjust’. It is as if the society perceives us as some kind of fluid which can take the shape and form of any vessel it has been poured into. However, the winds of change are here my friend, and women today are increasingly feeling proud of being unique.

The time has come for us to ‘Be Ourselves’. The time has come to show the world that if we give shape to our ambitions and dreams, we can create a lasting legacy.

We can make a huge difference when we can be our real, authentic, creative, ambitious selves.

When I decided to make a recent career shift from being a financial analyst to a writer, I was scared, but at the same time I was happier than ever before. When I started to write, I felt as if I’ve answered my life’s calling and though I have a long way to go, I do believe that I have the power to make a positive difference in this world with the help of my pen.

And I’m not the only one. In recent times, I’ve come across a whole bunch of women who continue to follow their dreams whole-heartedly.

Lakshmi Priya, for instance, is a leadership coach and consultant by day but continues to follow her passion as an artist and a writer by night. She has been working as a training professional with over 15 years of experience across India and the UK. She has been involved in a range of training interventions which have had direct impact on company profitability. She, along with four other writers, created Litlatte, a publishing platform. Apart from publishing anthologies and books, she regularly writes for the monthly edition of Write Club Magazine.

Another such multi-talented woman is blogger Tanvi Sinha who is a leading voice today on issues around women, but also works in the space of taxation. Increasingly, one does not have to choose between work and other parts of one’s life – be it a cause, a skill or a passion.

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The following video also shows the stories of a few such women:

Nazia, Priyanka, and Lakshmi share stories about how their learnings from their workplace as well as that from outside of it, complement each other to help them grow as individuals and to make a greater impact in all their roles. Their life outside work doesn’t hamper their career but actually adds to it, as they bring in empathy and other inter-personal skills that are essential to any modern workplace.

All these women I talked about are not the exceptions but rather the norm that progressive companies these days are looking out for.

Companies like Accenture are great places for the women of today, who understand the importance of ‘being yourself’ and bringing your best self to work!

Here’s where you can take a look at Accenture team and the uniqueness they bring to the table. You can also follow them on Facebook or via Twitter for the latest updates.

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