My Weight Loss Journey

The author shares her weight loss journey and emphasizes that if one is determined nothing is impossible.

The author shares her weight loss journey and emphasizes that if one is determined nothing is impossible.

The most important thing that I have learnt in this journey is that, if you are determined enough, then you will surely achieve your goal. For everyone’s information, I am not a nutritionist, dietitian, doctor, athlete or an expert.  So, what I have done might or might not work for others .

When I came to study in a college, there were few more girls like me who wanted to loose weight. So, we all decided to go for running in the morning. But, they all backed out on the the second day itself. Some of them felt tired and some of them said that they were too lazy to wake up early, so I was all alone. For once I thought of quitting, not because I was tired or was feeling lazy. But, I was in the 1st year of college and so was hesitant to go out alone .

But I was determined enough to find a way. So, I chose not to go out for running, instead I started running on the road which was between faculty houses and was near my hostel.

I am a 5 ft 1 inches tall  girl which means my ideal weight is about 50 kg and I was 75 kg at that time. So, I had to loose 15 kgs and I lost it in around 4-5 months and here is what I did:

I used to  drink one glass  of warm water, first thing in  the morning ( I had to use my room mate’s  kettle for this purpose which used to be always dirty because eventually I would wash it in the morning. I hope  you can understand even a simple task of losing weight is not  easy every but I guess all’s well that ends well). Then I  walked  up to the  road from my hostel and ran for half an hour (7:00 to 7:30 as it suited my college schedule ). I also did  some changes in my diet . For breakfast I started eating one parantha instead of two ( I ate roti instead of parantha whenever I came to my house during vacation). For lunch I ate two rotis with sabji mostly  or  sometimes chawal  dal (if I didn’t like the sabji ).

I had to adjust according to the food I got in the hostel. Most of us know that it’s not an easy task. Hostel food sucks and you end up eating outside. Evening time used to be the most difficult time because all my friends(blessed with great metabolism) used to be eating tasty junk food. But, I was determined to loose weight ( hehe, yes I did it , sometimes I wish I had  shown such determination in my studies ).

I stopped eating junk food and trust me it’s not that easy when everybody is eating tasty dishes in front you and you are trying to avoid it. Anyway, I used to drink tea with digestive biscuits in the evening and finally for dinner I used to eat one roti and sabji and tried to reach the mess by 8 pm so as to finish my dinner early.

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The point is that the only one who is stopping you to achieve your goal, whether it is weight loss or anything else, is you . Well begun is half done. If you are determined enough, then you will surely achieve you goal.

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