120 Minutes… My Birth Story In A Poetic Form

Posted: October 27, 2018

Pregnancy and childbirth is a wonderful experience of every women’s life. Each and every instance of it will be cherished by mothers forever. 

It was 3:15 and the morning sun on March 3rd wasn’t even in

I was busy uploading tick tick tick

pictures from the shower my girls had brought in

I told my head “it’s just a trickle go back to bed”

but the pinkish surprise just wouldn’t let

I was counting the seconds, minutes went by

a voice in my head said, “maybe the time is right?”

I shoved hubby left and right, told him about my plight

“go back to bed baby, it’s just a false fright”

my mind was going places, my body was quite a sight

the clock struck and soon it was time to decide

we were both up and ready to take on the ride

hubby quickly checked the bags, mama bear and baby bear had their own tags

medicines, clothes, toothbrush…

torch, shoes, and everything pretty much

I got in the shower, ready to prepare

“lather lather, wash wash, don’t just stand and stare”
we got in the car and the contractions began
like the craziest cramps you just can’t stand
my back was on fire and as I jumped up and down
Shine on (you crazy diamond) played in the background

the hospital corridor was empty
and as we huffed and puffed in
the nurse said “please hand me your medical file, I’ve got to check you in”
we laughed in surprise as reality struck us “Ting”,
in all the hurry, we’d forgotten the most basic thing to bring

I had energy bars, and my favourite chips in my bag
I even had eyeshadow and makeup, I didn’t want to look like a rag
the nurse didn’t care, she twitched and made a face
at all the bags that we were carrying, for a mere delivery case
I was wheeled in at 7.50, buckled to an alien device,
it made a ‘khrrrrr’ every time the baby’s heart thought wise
soon the examination, the inspection began,
I saw a line of doctors and their verdict this is how it ran
finger after finger, as the pain continued to linger
I  had to “cooperate” it seems, for the whole thing to go quicker

Soon I was screeching like how a lunatic would have liked
the nurse asked me, how old I was to be this psyched
Hooray! the finger found the jewel, I was ready to be taken in
it had been just an hour since I came in

the girl next to me had been screeching since last night
I bet she wanted to curse me, her pointed look said it alright
“breathe breath… push push”
I felt like a missile ready to whoosh whoosh

the final “pushhhhh” as I lay almost half dead,
my baby popped out as they snipped the cord on the bed
wrapped baby up and took it to daddy dizzy with the sight
fingers trembled as he held his firstborn tight

everyone had told me, “it’s going to be a boy”
my heart knew that sure was a ploy
little did I know that my wish would come true
when the nurse showed me, my  baby girl it was you

it was 9.57… I walked in and walked out
like how a spa date would have turned out
that’s when I counted, it took all of 120 minutes
this birth story I found out…

Image Source – Pexels

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