How I Found Home Within A Home

Remembering my hometown, memories of my favourite spot near the window resurfaced, leaving me emotional and yearning for that place.

Reminiscing my hometown with a friend, I realised how much I miss it. I always missed my hometown, but my excitement of shifting elsewhere after 28 years of being in the same place had sort of taken over the innate emotion of ‘I miss my city.’

All along, I have lived in Kolkata, and the attachment I have to the city is very tough to explain. Sometimes, I also understand it myself.

How I found a solace within the chaos

I grew up in a joint family, and in the Indian context, you share everything with your family- the space, resources, goals etc. It’s natural for a family in India to have multiple generations under one roof.

I, for one, have a qualm for such sorts of structures in the family, but that is entirely my opinion, and I choose to look at whatever positives I could muster from my experience.

Living with at least 8 to 10 people in a 3 BHK is almost like living in a very dramatic hostel. You learn your way around the crowd- you pick out a space to call your own, you do everything to have a sane life.

I have spent 27 years of my life navigating things in my home. Being an only child, I always needed the authentic me-time somewhere in the home. But, I never had an entire room to myself until college.

A home within a home

Irrespective of that, I found a sweet spot in my home to call my own.

On the window sill in the room, I spent all my time. I jokingly tell my mother that I have a capsule home within the room because there is only one spot I can call my own.

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The amount of memories I have on that window sill is insurmountable. Some of my best conversations happened there, the best photographs I took there. In fact, I had introduced my pet dog to my space, and we would often chill there.

All of my acquaintances, including my friends and family- were well aware of my ‘khirki’- my corner. I remember this recurring dialogue everyone said when we did a phone call or a video call. They said:
“Oh tum toh khirki pe hogi, I am sure.”

Home is where the heart is

That window has given me so much companionship. Even now, when I am away from home, where I can get all the luxury and freedom, my heart misses my spot. That place has become a fond memory.

Whenever I go back to my old home, I thoroughly enjoy my window time- just sitting there, staring out and living the best time of my life.

I know some people might not understand how a mere window is something to reminisce about- but my spot taught me humility, and I believe if I could find such peace and happiness in a small place- I’ll be the happiest.

So, there is no limit to my resilience and quest to find goodness anywhere. Because, at the end of the day, it’s always going to be meri khirki, mera ghar.

Image credits Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash

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