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Why study and toil hard, when you can marry a rich man? Really??
“Why Study And Toil Hard, When You Can Marry A Rich Man?” Really?!

“Why study and toil hard, when you can marry a rich man?” Seriously?! There are videos in the name of humour doing the rounds, contents created by none other than girls in their teens and early twenties, who I presume, is imitating some English videos. There may be others who are fed up with our […]

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A Mother Is Not The MAHAN Multitasking Superwoman Of WhatsApp Forwards!

These WhatsApp forwards either glorify the 'sacrifice and multitasking' of mother, or the 'silent struggles' of the father! STOP!

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Be The Change!

Yesterday, I happened to hear a speech by a spiritual leader addressing a large crowd of mesmerized audience in a TV channel. I have noticed my mother listening to it keenly every morning, as though it was her morning mantra, for preparing herself for the day. Usually I never notice what the “swamiji” says, as […]

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Swapna Suresh
Swapna Suresh: Called A Whore And Linked With Random Men, Just ‘Coz She’s Accused Of A Crime?

Gold smuggling accused from Kerala Swapna Suresh may or may not be guilty, but it just isn't Ok that as a woman, she's been trolled and called a slut and linked to many men.

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Just Because I Am Separated, I Am Not A Desperate Or An ‘Easy’ Woman Looking To Woo All The Men I See!

Initially, when I separated from my partner, I feigned I was in a happy marriage only to ward off all unwanted people poking their noses in my life.

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Why Do I Have To Be Ashamed Of My Age – I Am In My Forties And I Still Have Fun And Enjoy Life!

From hating my birthdays to realising that growing old doesn't necessarily mean losing out on fun, I finally love being in my forties and my birthdays!

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Happy Mother’s Day – A Small Gesture For A Lifetime of Affection

If this is that day to honour our mothers, let us just give them at least this day, out of our busy schedule, to thank a lifetime of dedication, love, care and affection.

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Parenting: This is not a blame game

When parents blame each other for their children's perceived mistakes, it benefits neither the couple nor the child.

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Misogyny At Its Best: Are Women Allowed To Err?

Misogyny at its best, insists that women have to be infallible, and women who commit mistakes in the eyes of society, can never be forgiven.

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The Best Birthday Gift (Short Story)

A story of two friends, when one finds herself in a dark place that she cannot rise up from. Sadness, despair and hope all blend in this short story.

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What Challenges Does The Woman Writer Face?

Apart from the many challenges of the writing process, women writers are burdened with societal norms and limits that they cannot easily challenge, says this post.

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A woman's resurrection
A Woman’s Resurrection (Story)

This short story is about hope -when a woman trapped in a vicious marriage finds the courage to script her own resurrection.

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What feminism is
What I Believe Feminism Is, And Isn’t

This post offers up an individual view of what feminism is, and how it can be used to further the rights of everyone, regardless of their gender.

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Don’t Stop, Pursue: Dreams Don’t Wait For People!

Here's a short story to remind you to pursue your dreams, and be who you want to be. People can wait, dreams don't!

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Let’s Substitute Rape Culture With A Culture Of Respect

With all the conversation about violence against women, rape culture persists in the way we continue to blame women's clothes as the reason for rape.

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Brides-to-be Or Goods For Trade?

The evil practice of dowry continues to hold a strong grip over Indian society. Here is an insightful take on what makes it so strong, and how we can combat it.

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The Secret To Breeding A Sexually Volatile Society

A dress code sends many messages to children. This insightful post asks an important question - Are dress codes breeding a sexually volatile society?

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Marks For The Future: What Are Our Kids Learning?

The race for marks spares no one. Moms are often left doing the projects meant for kids! What are our kids learning with the Indian education system?

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For Him And Her: Gender Stereotypes That Need To Go

Society is plagued with gender stereotypes that come in the way of equality. Here's a short list that will make you want to trash these stereotypes immediately!

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Looking Into The Mirror: Are We Treating Rape Victims Right?

While there is much outrage over rape, we need to introspect our attitudes towards rape victims, and be humane.

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Is Marriage The Answer To All Of Life’s Problems?

Indian society has always been obsessed with marriage. Ash shares her insights on why we should put aside this obsession, and choose to live, and let live.

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woman of worth
Do You Consider Yourself A Woman Of Worth?

As a woman, do you believe in your own worth and claim your independence? Do you let your daughter claim her identity?

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woman of worth
Do You Consider Yourself A Woman Of Worth?

As a woman, do you believe in your own worth and claim your independence? Do you let your daughter claim her identity? Born in a family with both parents working, I was raised, more or less, in an independent manner, with more than enough freedom of choice with respect to my clothes, needs, preferences, and […]

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