“Why Study And Toil Hard, When You Can Marry A Rich Man?” Really?!

“Why study and toil hard, when you can marry a rich man?” Seriously?!

There are videos in the name of humour doing the rounds, contents created by none other than girls in their teens and early twenties, who I presume, is imitating some English videos. There may be others who are fed up with our educational system or who dread the hard work behind getting a job, or who just want to satisfy the societal norms of getting married at a predictable age, who share this ‘not so humorous nonsense’!

At first I used to swipe past these videos as I did not find anything comical in there. But recently I saw a video shared by someone whom I believed to be a more sensible lady, saying, ‘why all the hassles of studies and getting a job, when you can marry a rich man?’ As a matter of fact, the lady appearing to be in her twenties or even late twenties, was actually good at doing comedy reels. I used to like all her other content and she was very good at portraying toxic aunties and uncles who are more concerned about what the girl next door wears, or spies or gossips about boyfriends visiting the girl or the heart burn of the society asking  why you are not married still or when you are going to have a baby etc.

So when the video came from an otherwise sensible lady, it shook me and she fell down in my eyes so badly, all of a sudden. Even in this era, do we have such girls/women who aspire to be “nothing”, other than “the rich man’s wife”?  Who just wants to “woo” a rich man and dream of a luxurious life ahead with him? Is it even a designation? Is it even worthy of saying?

Well, I have seen women who sacrifice their entire life, dreams and ambitions for the sake of prioritizing  husbands job and to help him reach his professional goals, by taking care of his needs, their childrens’ needs, education, and the work of the entire household on her shoulders. And I have also seen very same women’s husband asking for each and every account of what the woman does at home or what she does with the money he gave and spewing toxicity at a drop of hat with questions such as “what do you do all day?” , “why cant you cut down the expenses”, while he would be squandering the major deal to random people to showcase acts of charity, or even spending on other women. I have seen children raised by such womans even turn back at their owns moms and ask Did I ever ask you not to pursue your profession?

This is the actual world. At the end of the day, you might end up with zero bank balance, with no one by your side, other than lost dreams and ambitions. All around you whom you helped to reach heights might no longer have the eyes and heart to see you standing below, holding on to the sacrifices and a  shattered life. It is only a fraction of women who are lucky enough not to regret what they sacrified and are blessed with an understanding better half and children. So those who have already given up their ambitions or dreams for making that family perfect, please ask yourself  do you regret even the slightest? If so, It is never too late to begin afresh.

Until I saw the video, I was in awe of todays generation, at how they prioritize their lives and chose financial independence over other routine societal patterns including marriage and conceiving children. But it pains to know that some still advocates ‘the rich man’s wife policy’ and only we women ourselves can do away with such foolishness from being spread.

However, meagre your income may be, yet the satisfaction, confidence and the self esteem that it gives you  when you are spending your own money is incomparable to the ones you need to ask for from your better half or children or even parents.

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Standing in ones own shoes is a different feeling altogether, which no sugar daddy can give!!  Be the wise, financially stable independent lady who would be everyman’s dream of a perfect ‘Sugar mommy’  (Don’t be one though, just sit back and enjoy the masti)!!!


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