A Mother Is Not The MAHAN Multitasking Superwoman Of WhatsApp Forwards!

These WhatsApp forwards either glorify the 'sacrifice and multitasking' of mother, or the 'silent struggles' of the father! STOP!

Recently I got a forward from a very respectable senior personality, wishing me a beautiful day and the post read-

“What is a mother? Mother-House Keeper-Cook-Teacher-Nurse-Coach-Taxi Driver- Story Teller-Planner-Organiser-Decorator- Best Friend-Worst Enemy- Multitasker. In short, she is wonder woman- There is no person stronger, wiser or more dedicated than a mother.”

And I had replied to the post immediately with due respect and humility towards the person who had sent me  

“Sorry Sir, I don’t believe in such glorification of motherhood. These are just made to make woman believe that they are super humans and they are destined to be perfect in all these tasks. And to a point women do believe, that they are supposed to be all these and more. And lose their major chunk of life striving to achieve all these qualities until they realise this was not the life they wanted. So let them be them, let them enjoy their limitations and let them be what they can ONLY do. Doesn’t mean that those who are not good at these are not good mother’s. Not to mention, a father can be all these too.” 

They either glorify the ‘sacrifice and multitasking’ of mother, or the ‘silent struggles’ of the father!

Honestly, I get so irritated by such kinds of posts that glorify womanhood, and I often see such posts on fb, especially on mother’s day, women’s day or randomly when people miss their mother, wife etc. I feel it’s high time that it needs to stop and women themselves should say that they are not superwomen and not to expect any superhumanly tasks from them.

Another one I always see are the posts asking not to overlook the sweat, struggle and hidden tears behind fatherhood, which always gets unnoticed, while we shower praises on mother. Well I still don’t understand why fathers need to hide their tears or wear any mask of a super hero or act emotionless while meeting the family’s demands.

Mothers and fathers are just human beings doing the best they can

When will people understand that Mothers and Fathers are just human beings and they are also prone to making mistakes and have their own limitations. Had we lend a helping hand to them, we would not have needed such posts glorifying their struggles, and the quality of life fathers and mothers would have got, would have been much better, and that would have reflected on the overall family health as well.

My two cents: – If a woman is better at her profession than being a home maker, or if a man is better at home making than that in his profession, please normalize it! There is no such role as mothers role or fathers role and who ever is good at any role, let them do it! Let  them live the way they best want to! Live and let live!

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