Why Do I Have To Be Ashamed Of My Age – I Am In My Forties And I Still Have Fun And Enjoy Life!

From hating my birthdays to realising that growing old doesn't necessarily mean losing out on fun, I finally love being in my forties and my birthdays!

From hating my birthdays to realising that growing old doesn’t necessarily mean losing out on fun, I finally love being in my forties and my birthdays!

Earlier, my birthdays were never really noticed, rather, they caused me more pain, for reasons I’d rather not say, than any other day. So, over the years, I developed a sense of passiveness for my birthday and the urge to celebrate it died down a long time ago.

But this year was special. I got my share of laughter, fun and surprises from my family and my close ones. I was very happy and grateful that I became a little more wiser and experienced. But the one thing that amused me was how younger lads were so anxious to know ‘the actual number.’ And not to forget, make fun of my ‘rising age’ and remind me every single time the rantings of ‘middle aged woman’ and of an ‘aunty.’

I am finally comfortable telling people my age!

Yes, I am in my early forties, and although I am very comfortable in revealing my age, these antics really make me a bit naughty. I just make it even harder for them to guess my age and they make all sorts of calculations and come up with some funny number.

The more I don’t say, the more inquisitive they become, to the extent I could feel that all they wanted was a time machine to check when my mom delivered me!

To one of them I said I was 29 years. And the entire day, he was asking me about the year I passed my tenth grade, my graduation, marriage, and even when I delivered! Finally, I understood why he couldn’t get over it. He suddenly asked me, three days later about how, then, my son would’ve been born when I was just 13!

Honestly, today’s younger generation really disappoints me. Is age really that important? My age, your parents’ age or even anyone else’s, for that matter! And I bet, no one ever gives their real age when they go for a medical check up.

Why do I have to be ashamed of my age?

I am someone who has realised that, with age, you tend to get happier, wiser and more independent and may even naughtier! And yes, we have fun too, just like you, actually, maybe even more! For me, life at 20 was good, at 30, it turned better and at 40, it was the absolute best! And I am waiting for the most remarkable phase of my life!

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I feel so comfortable with my age, my looks and the way I carry myself. That makes me wonder, if I don’t have any problem with myself, and my ‘aged skin,’ why do the people around me have to be so obstinate about making me feel ashamed of my age?

Let me tell you, people older than you, often keep a low profile, or they mask it with unnecessary pretension of seriousness. All this is done thanks to the inquisitive nature of the people and the inhibitions that we instil in their minds that having fun isn’t right for their age. In the end, it leads to them growing old faster than they should have! And in such times, the people forget to live their age to the fullest!

Doesn’t life begin at 40?

So next time, raise a toast to your dad or mom (well, if she likes it) on their birthday (no guarantee that you will not be thrown out of the house!) Jokes apart, be that friend for them, and make sure they have fun. Make sure they stay as naughty as you.

What more can you do than add more years to their life with the happiness that you give than the constant reminder of age and nearing death!

Well, I consider myself a toddler, as the saying goes, ‘Life starts at 40.’ But don’t tell me it is meant only for men! Is it because you don’t let women be reborn after 40?

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