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To The Adults Who Shut Us Up: Here’s Why We Are The Sad Generation

When we made a mistake, our elders yelled at us or told us to hide our flaws. Is it a surprise that we feel isolated and depressed?

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Obsession with fair skin, It’s Time We Stop Defining People’s Identity With Their Skin Colour

To the one who says “Looks don’t matter” – Welcome to the desi culture. People, can you please get over your obsession with Fair Skin? In our society, you get judged on your height, weight, colour, gender- basically everything. Here, people are obsessed with White skin or Fair skin. No signs of this Stigma seems […]

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Did You Bring Your Daughter Up To Be Treated Like A Princess Or A Punching Bag?

Did you bring your daughter up to teach her to stay silent even when things go out of hand? To blame her if the man you chose for her tortures her?

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When You’re In Love, The Whole World Looks Beautiful, But How Do You Handle Reality?

I'm not saying love will happen just the way it happens in movies. In your life, it will get more dramatic. It depends on how the situation is. and how you fight it.

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To All The Men And Women Who Use Social Media, Stop Generalizing!

There are good people and bad people both. Just because you watched a meme on social media, doesn't mean you start looking at everybody around you in that way and start believing it blindly.

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Marriage Should Be Same For Both Men And Women, Why The Hypocrisy?

The men and women both should be taught about how they need to behave with the other person, not only the women.

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Our Men Struggle Too

Every man who wakes up early in the morning to earn a living for his family is under pressure - no matter what work they do or on what position they are.

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Let The Kids Live

Stop letting these kids down even before they grow. Stop chopping off their wings and then later complain when they refuse to go out and love staying at home.

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In Sickness, And Health, Women Will Do It All Because They Have No ‘Off-Days,’ You See!

There will be days when she won't have the energy to do anything but she will get up and continue to do it all. Women don't have a leave or an 'off day.'

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Teach Your Sons To Behave Before Pointing A Finger At Someone Else’s Girls

Teach boys to respect girls and women at home, share in household work and follow rules. Treat them at par with girls, even if it is to make them toe the line.

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“The Girl Is A Bit Dark Na?” Was The Verdict. No – I’m Brown And Beautiful

I'm brown and beautiful. I'm happy in my own skin. I might not have a fair skin like you, but my heart and mind is fair enought to leave you blind.

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As A Mom My Heart Cries For Your Lost Dreams, Daughter, But I’m Helpless As A Woman

When you were born, my daughter, I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to make this a better life for you than it was for me. But it has been very hard, in a society like ours.

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I’ve Recently Started To Wear A Hijab, And This Is What It Feels Like To Be Me

A young woman speaks of her experience of becoming a hijabi, and talks about the misconceptions people have, the questions they ask. We're just like the rest of you, she says!

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Dear Men, She’s Not Your Slave. Dear Women, He’s Not Your ATM

All the men and women out there who blindly follow the stereotype set about the particular gender, need to change their thinking and mindset.

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Why Celebrate Love Once A Year?

With the mushy month of February just around the corner, the author questions why we celebrate love on certain days and not make our loved ones feel special on each day of the year.

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Marriage Or A ‘Shaadi Bazaar’?

The author questions the bride and groom hunt that takes place in India. She feels that marriage should be an emotional affair not a 'bazaar' where you make CVs and go bride/groom shopping.

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Being A Housewife Is Not Easy!

Being a housewife is a 24/7 job and it time we appreciate their efforts and thank them.

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A 3 Word Horror Story: Log Kya Kahenge? (What Will People Say?)

What's the three word horror story for desi people? "Log Kya Kahenge?!" (What will people say?)

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You Are Beautiful, Just The Way You Are!

Feeling low with all the drama that society gives you? Bowed down with pressures you are forced under? This is the ultimate pep talk you need to get through today!

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Society Is Me & You. Let’s Be The Change We Want To See

We blame so many things on 'society'. But who is this society if not you and me? Change begins with us. Be the change you want to see.

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