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Let The Kids Live

Posted: March 28, 2020

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Our generation is focusing more on being isolated and not being vocal about how they feel. Making relations is old fashion and maintaining a bond isn’t something special these days but ignoring people and staying indoors is cool. It’s because the society has killed so many dreams and that the kids out there don’t know where to go with their broken wings. They don’t know it’s okay to not be an engineer ,doctor or someone who scores the highest in the class and it’s okay to be someone who loves painting more than maths and it’s okay to be what your heart wants you to be rather than blindly running towards a destiny, where you never wished to go. We judge them on every single thing and mock at them for being themselves. That’s the reason the generation today is upset with themselves for not being able to fit in the standard norms created by the society.

“Ye sab karega toh kamaega kya? Khaega kya? Family kaise chalaega?” He will earn only whatever is written for him. Not more, not less. Will work hard and do what the heart wants rather than killing dreams and suffering from depression. The youth avoids going to social gatherings and like staying home, doesn’t want to socialise, doesn’t know what making connections is, neither is interested in any because at the end, they are all just trying to escape. Escaping from the societies baseless questions and judgments. Escaping from the idea of running like a bull in one direction. Escaping from chains of responsibilities being pushed on them at the early age itself. Escaping from the explanations they will have to go for the choices they made. Stop. Let them be themselves. Let them live, just for a while.

Not every kid out there will be an engineer and that is why Sachin Tendulkar isn’t. He earned not only money but fame too. Because he worked hard. Not every kid will be a doctor and that is why Ratan Tata isn’t. These people became what they wanted to be. They took their steps. Don’t enforce things on the kids. Accept them and their choices and if nothing, listen to them before you mock at them. Don’t just try to know their grades but ask them what they really want to do. Guiding them and rejecting their ideas without listening to them are two different things. Stop asking every kid about their grades and comparing them to the other kid. That other kid is good in maths but this one is an artist. So stop. Stop letting these kids down even before they grow. Stop chopping off their wings and then later complain when they refuse to go out and love staying at home. This is the reason they avoid people and gatherings. Stop. Let them live.

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