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To All The Men And Women Who Use Social Media, Stop Generalizing!

Posted: April 21, 2020

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There are good people and bad people both. Just because you watched a meme on social media, doesn’t mean you start looking at everybody around you in that way and start believing it blindly.

To all the men and women who use Social Media:

Please, stop blindly believing and accepting whatever you watch on social media. Stop adopting every single thing you see up there and connecting it to your own life. Some things are just to watch and to entertain you. Not for you to judge every human being in your life with the perspective shown to you on social media. Stop generalizing people. There are good people and bad people both. Just because you watched a meme on social media, doesn’t mean you start looking at everybody around you in that way and start believing it blindly.

Don’t Follow Social Media Blindly

“Bulaati hai magar jaane ka nai” is not for all the women out there. C’mon. You put this on your status and then try sliding into her DMs? Try messaging her and impressing her with your looks? Aise kaise chalega Bhaiya?

“Tera katt gaya?” Or “Kaategi Bhai” are the terms used these days to say, ‘She will dump you’. But, not all women are like that. Because of these derogatory terms, the women who are actually nice, also get to hear such things! Why? Because her man is being fed with all this bullshit and then he comes and behaves with her that way. Heights. All this is cool until it remains in limits and just for the entertainment. Stop spoiling your relationships because of things on trend. If you respect her and if she’s the right girl for you, she will stay. If you put her down like this, toh pakka Kaategi. ( not defending the girls who actually dump the guys for someone else. This is for the people who judge the other women and generalize everyone. )

Be Respectful Towards Women

Even in the movie “Pyaar Ka Punchnama” – Kartik aryan gave a huge speech about how women use men and their emotions. The whole movie is against the women. But at the end, why do all the men go to their moms and not their father? Mom is a women too right? Then why this attack on all the women. There might be such women, I agree. But there are also men who abuse their women, hit their women, use them and so on. So there are two types of people, obviously- good and bad. That doesn’t mean you start thinking about all the women like that. Take the movie as an entertainment. Don’t start thinking that the women who might come in your life, will be the same. She might not be that way. She might be like your mother was with your dad, sweet and caring. She might be a good girl too, for God’s sake.

Differentiate Between Good And Bad

To all the women who believe “All men are trash” shouldn’t be saying ” my dad is the best” either. There are good men too. Who are raised with good values and know how to treat everyone around them. Not all men are the same. Just like you don’t want them to generalize you, you stop generalizing them too.

The recent case where Neha Dhupia is being trolled everywhere for saying it’s okay for a girl to cheat on a guy with 5 men and a guy can’t slap a girl but was laughing and smiling when last year a girl said, she hit 4 men. Now all the men attacking her, I want to tell you, NOT all the other women are supporting what she said. I’m against this gender bias too. That doesn’t mean every women out there thinks like this. No. We don’t. For me, wrong is wrong. No matter if a girl does it, or a guy does it.

The whole motive is, don’t just blindly generalise the whole community on incidents you see on social media. Don’t bring and impose the shit you are being fed on your own people. The same people who stood for you in your hard times. The people who supported you. Stop spoiling relationships. “Bulaati hai toh jaaneka” – if she’s worth it and if she loves and If she’s been there for you.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

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