Our Men Struggle Too

Every man who wakes up early in the morning to earn a living for his family is under pressure - no matter what work they do or on what position they are.

Right from an early age the men are made to believe that they have to take up all the responsibilities of their family be it financial or emotional. So they have to work hard and choose a profession through which they can support their family and provide them with a better life.

But did anyone ever ask them what they want to do? What are their life goals are apart from giving a better life to their family? What they really wanted to do in life?

They have been fed with the idea of, ‘being the man of the house’ from an early age itself. In a large part of the patriarchal world and most part of the western world too – man is always seen as the provider and protector. Way before the satellites broadcasted the feministic ideas to us, man was always considered as the one who pays the full bill. Period. This transcends all cultures, races, religions of the world.

And since then, imagine the pressure and grind they go through just because they have to give a better life to their family. Whether it is taking a 9 to 9 job, or cleaning roads, or being a conductor or being the owner of the company. Every man who wakes up early in the morning to earn a living for his family is under pressure – no matter what work they do or on what position they are.

There are men who leave at 5 in the morning , catch a train with a heavy bag on their back and duties on their head, grinding every single day to give a happy and content life to their family. Why isn’t anybody talking about the struggle these men go through every day? They leave early in the morning, come home late and then also have to deal with all the other issues in the family. There are men who stay away from their family for a whole year, to again, ‘earn a better living for the family’. Unfortunately, you will seldom see these men doing things for themselves.

They won’t go around spending money for themselves. No. It’s always for their loved ones and to give them all the comfort they want. Men sacrifice too. They have their own battles to fight every day. Pending work, meetings, pressure from the boss, being late at work, payments, travel, etc etc. They won’t tell you but there are days when even they feel like resting or just giving up the daily routine life but they can’t. They can’t. Why? For their family. Not for themselves. For others. They hold on. They be patient and deal with it all, just so the people they love, get whatever they want. Respect their sacrifices too. They have this heaviness in their heart, they never share. They just run all their life, trying their best to be the man of the house and kill their aspirations, their dreams and wishes to fulfil the wishes of their loved ones. It isn’t easy for the men too.

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