You Are Beautiful, Just The Way You Are!

Posted: March 29, 2018

Feeling low with all the drama that society gives you? Bowed down with pressures you are forced under? This is the ultimate pep talk you need to get through today!

“You’re black” “you’re fat” “You’re too skinny” “you’re too tall ” “you’re ugly” “you’re …”

Honey! You’re beautiful. Just the way you are. Let them say, whatever they want to. Don’t give them the power to decide, what you are, who you are. The power lies in your hands. Before the society, you need to accept yourself, just the way you are. You need to love yourself, before you expect someone else to do that. I know you are being triggered at every social media and every social gathering. I know there are people who look down on you and make you feel miserable. But don’t let them win. It’s quite easy to judge, to keep names, to put someone down. If anything that is ugly, it’s their thinking not you. You don’t need anyone else’s opinion or a certificate that says “you’re eligible ,you’re beautiful”.

No! You are beautiful. Okay?

I know you have been depressed over these comments you hear. I know you tried to change yourself and fit yourself in the frame of “beautiful” stated by the society. I know you cried because it was tough to face those weird stares and suggestions on trying to be “beautiful”.

“Why don’t you try this cream?” , “Why don’t you try this diet plan ?” ,”Why don’t you apply this?”

You might have felt like running away from every one and every question that comes your way. That’s the reason you’ve stopped attending these social gatherings and events cause you are tired of this shit. I know it gets tough.

But you know what? You are a warrior. A beautiful human being. You need to accept yourself, love yourself, pamper yourself and take care of yourself. Don’t let these stupid people ruin your happiness. You are beautiful just the way you are. If you are happy in your own skin, don’t let anyone else’s opinion matter.

Whatever you do,do it for yourself. For your own satisfaction. Not because the society wants you to be that way, but because you want to.

Be Confident.
Accept Yourself.
Love Yourself.
You’re beautiful. Just The Way You Are.

Image via Pexels

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