Being A Housewife Is Not Easy!

Being a housewife is a 24/7 job and it time we appreciate their efforts and thank them.

Being a housewife is a 24/7 job and it time we appreciate their efforts and thank them.

You know what is the most underrated job? The job of a housewife. First of all, being a housewife is not even considered a job, but a responsibility of every woman out there. It seems quite easy as it is supposed to entail no traveling, no hardwork, no deadlines, no pressure, no boss, no politics involved. Not really.

Being a housewife, is the toughest job ever. Yes it is. It might look easy, but its not. Its a job where once a lady is hired, she cannot resign. Its a job where there are no holidays and nothing like a ‘sick leave’. And most of all, its a job without pay, increments and incentives- A job where there is no way out. Once you are hired, you are hired for life!

Yes. Don’t you see our mothers, sisters and wives? Do they ever stop and take a break from the kitchen and the household chores? Did you ever hear them saying ,”No food today. I am on sick leave.” No, right? Yes, it is that tough. Being a housewife, you are not expected to work under a single sector, but all the sectors. You have to cook food according to the likes and dislikes of the whole family- Someone likes spicy while the other one cannot stand spices. One loves dessert but the other one has diabetes. So, you are to cook food according to everyone else’s needs and wants.

Also, getting cuts becomes an everyday thing. No travelling, but standing in front of heat all the time and cooking different things is not easy as well. Also, in this job, there will be no appreciation and motivation and no one would say, “Wow congratulations on cracking the deal. You will be getting incentives and bonus too”.

Nah. But, the only motivation is, the happiness and smile of the family. That satisfaction and few words of appreciation that too “sometimes”, is the bonus.

But still, without complaints, everyday, without fail, on time, the housewife will serve you the best she can. Then comes cleaning. What if one day you come home and find litter every where- spider webs on the wall and a stinking washroom or loo? What would be your reaction? But wait, you won’t face anything like this.Thanks to our moms, sisters and wives. Yes yes, I know that people can hire a maid to do all this and people do have a maid. But, the ladies of our home are the ones who take care of how the maids do the work and keep the house clean. The ladies of our house, decorate our house ,clean it regularly and that is how they make it a “HOME TO LIVE”.

Being a housewife is not a 9 to 5 job but, all day job. Reporting at the kitchen at 6 in the morning, doing all the work and then sleeping after everyone sleeps by 12 or 1 AM. So, do you still think its easy?

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Just like a person working at a particular job faces challenges and gets pressurized so does the housewife. The gas might need a refill in the middle of all the cooking, the food might get over while there are guests at home, hearing complaints about the food even after trying the best at it or trying out a new dish which becomes a major fail. Its not that easy. And all this hustle, all this pain, only for of the love, care and health of the family.
Being a housewife isn’t easy.

So, did you ever thank your mom or sister or wife for all that she does for you? What are you waiting for? Go, thank them. Appreciate them for all that they do which goes unnoticed.

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