A 3 Word Horror Story: Log Kya Kahenge? (What Will People Say?)

What's the three word horror story for desi people? "Log Kya Kahenge?!" (What will people say?)

What’s the three word horror story for desi people? “Log Kya Kahenge?!” (What will people say?)

I seriously wanna meet and ask these ‘log’ that are they really so interested in our lives? Don’t you have your own life to concentrate on? Can’t we just all live in peace and focus on our own lives ? NO! Of course not!

If you wanna do what you want to do, you need to keep in mind whether ‘log’ will approve it or not. You wanna follow your dreams? You wanna wear your favorite dress? You wanna go on a vacation? You wanna marry the one you love? You wanna keep your wedding lowkey? You just want to be YOU?


That fear of being judged by ‘log’ will never leave you. You will be conscious of everything you do. The way you look, the shape of your nose, fat or too slim, the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you laugh, the way you walk, the way you sit, doing a job or staying jobless, married or unmarried till 25! Everything will be judged and will be a hot topic for discussion. So you better be careful and stop living your life the way you want to. Start living a life which ‘log’ expect you to live.

Weddings are like a hub, a meeting place for these ‘log’ where they come together and judge every person they look at. The other day I went to a wedding, I trying to concentrate on the delicious food which was being served but there was an aunty who was sitting beside me and complaining about the food. “Urgh. So oily. Not that tasty” and guess what? She ate all the staters, twice! Yes! Even after complaining about the food. So you decide now? Do you wanna spend lacs on such complaining aunties who eat all the food and three plates of ice cream but still have something to complain about? And also judge you on how you look on your wedding day and how tacky your wedding dress is? Do you wanna spend on such log and give them a topic to gossip about? You decide.

But wait! Are you one of the log? Do you also do the same,just like these log do? If yes,then stop. Stop being a ‘log’. Stop judging people on things for which you wouldn’t like to be judged. Stop interfering or invading people’s private life!

And if you are the one who’s scared of such log, stop. Do what you like. Do what you always wanted to. Do what your heart wants to. And if you hear someone saying, but  ‘phir log kya kahenge’ so just reply ‘Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ko kaam hai kehna, kehnedo’! (Let them say,whatever they want to)

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It’s your life. Live it the way you want to. Don’t let ‘log’ snatch away those dreams. Be You.

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